If I Had A Hammer/Full Circle


Alex literally defending other anti-fascists by grabbing a hammer from a member of the white supremacist “American Guard.” 

When Florida-based “Proud Boy” and Infowars chatterbox Joe Biggs called for a rally in Portland on August 17th specifically targeting anti-fascists, he made it very clear what kind of rally he wanted it to be.  Quoting coverage from The Daily BeastIn repeated social media posts promoting the rally, Biggs called for blood. “Get a gun. Bu[y] ammo. Get your gun license. Get training. Practice as much as you can and be ready because the left isn’t playing anymore and neither should we,” he wrote in one of many similarly violent posts, among which was a picture of a person being suffocated with a plastic bag with the caption “death to antifa.” He repeated the sentiments in a video while holding a pro-Trump baseball bat.

So it probably shouldn’t be surprising that some of the people that answered Biggs’ call came ready to hurt people.  The ADL-identified white supremacist gang America Guard, for example, drove up from Utah in a Mad Max-style schoolbus and, when stuck in traffic and confronted by yelling anti-fascists, a couple of them opened the bus door and tried to smash people in the head with a claw hammer.

Fortunately, our man Alex was one of those people and he acted quickly enough to defend against this potentially-deadly attack in short order.  Which, of course, led to charges being laid against him.  In fact, the Portland prosecutors are intent on making example of him by laying the most serious felony charges imaginable.  So while it’s possible he saved some people’s lives that day, he’s now facing years and years in prison for doing so.

When The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund heard about this, we got some money together to help Alex get proper legal representation and got it to him via his crowdfunder.  Alex was nice enough to write us a thank-you note:

I am aware of what a huge gift this is from you. Thank you so much for believing in me.

I know there are others out there like me who need help, too. I pledge to use this money only for the stated purpose of legal defenses with regards to these specific cases.

Thank you, truly, for what you’ve done.

Meanwhile in Germany: we were asked to help out with a case we’re all-too familiar with.  Four years ago, anti-fascist fans of the SV Werder Bremen were returning from a football match when they encountered a much larger group of drunk nazis.  The antifa ultras tried to avoid trouble but the Bermen police pushed them back into the mob of nazis, who they then literally had to fight their way out of.  Which they did very handily, only to be arrested by the same cops that forced them into the situation in the first place!

One of the antifa arrested in all of this was the very first anti-fascist the Defence Fund provided legal support to, way back in 2015!  Now the case against the other six arrestees has wound down and while no one else served prison time, the court fines and legal costs amounted to an astounding €17500.  The Defence Fund was able to make a contribution towards paying that fine off via the crowdfunder established for that purpose.

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in; it doesn’t matter how long your fight for justice takes – if you’re forced to defend yourself and your community from nazi violence, we’ve got your back, thanks to the thousands of anti-fascists that have donated to the Defence Fund!  We depend on people showing genuine solidarity by continuing to make contributions to the Defence Fund, so if you haven’t done that in a while or if you’ve never done it, now’s the time.




Bar Crawl.


Chat Shit, Get Banged: The Luke Lenzner Story

We know how to have a good time, but the various trolls of the alt-right have some weird ideas about what a fun night out looks like.  Take 34-year-old Luke Lenzner.  He decided a great date with his wife would be for them to hit several Portland bars, where he’d threaten the patrons and lie about being a veteran (thought right wing extremists were against “stolen valor?”).  “Come outside and see what happens” he challenged people drinking at The Vern – all of whom were minding their own business when Lenzner waltzed in, trying to provoke a fight.

Lenzner’s dry spell came to an abrupt end at Growler’s Taproom, where Lenzner decided to confront a biracial couple and got a big ol’ shiner for his efforts.  Which is, of course, what he wanted; by now you’ve probably noticed a pattern of alt-right trolls picking fights with anti-fascists, racialized people, LGBTQ+ people, etc. and then when they come out on the losing end, filing charges with their police pals, uploading heavily-edited video, and ca$hing in via crowdfunders.  Right, Andy Ngo?

Anyways, Lenzner’s narrative of being a poor innocent victim attacked by the savage leftist mobs of Portland just because of his MAGA hat quickly collapsed when video of his antics at other bars that night surfaced.  But the two people who “attacked” Lenzner were still up on charges & had to raise money to defend themselves, which we of course pitched in to help out with.

And here’s the happy ending: a grand jury threw out all the charges against the accused couple!  This probably isn’t the last we’ve heard from Lenzner, but hopefully he’s deep in his hole, licking his wounds, for a long time.

Thanks From Star!


August 25, 2018: Charlottesville survivor Aubtin Heydari visits the site of the attack two weeks later, after leaving the hospital.

About two weeks ago, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund sent some support to Star, one of the survivors of the 2017 white supremacist terror attack in Charlottesville, VA., after she reached out to us for help.  In response to our support, she sent us this lovely note:

Oh my gosh thank you **so** much. I am so incredibly grateful I am crying.  I seriously can’t thank you enough.  So many people seem to have already forgotten about the car attack. Unfortunately there are those of us who still live with its ramifications every day. Thank you for not forgetting about me.


If you’ve made a donation to the Defence Fund in the past, that thanks goes out to you, since the Defence Fund is 100% funded by individual donors and you made it possible for us to send Star the support she needed within days of her reaching out.

If you haven’t made a donation to the Defence Fund, maybe now it the right time for you to make a contribution of any amount, so we are ready to support the next anti-fascist that reaches out to us for help when they need it the most!  Here’s how you can do that.


September 2019 – Quarterly Report


After police in Hamilton, Canada arrested LGBTQ+ people who defended a Pride event from a attack by violent homophobes, Hamiltonians took to the streets to let them know what’s what.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund had a very, very active summer; over the past three months we’ve looked at ten different requests for support from 17 anti-fascists.  Here’s a recap for you:

That’s a lot of work that for a group of volunteers to take on over the course of three months, isn’t it?  It all added up to thousands of dollars going out to help anti-fascists.  100% of that money came from individual donations from anti-fascists around the world.  If we’re to keep doing this work, we need to replenish the Defence Fund and replace the money we’ve doled out.  That’s where you come in!  If you support the people putting themselves on the line to protect their communities from fascism and bigotry,   we are counting on you to demonstrate that by stepping up and giving whatever you can