Breitbart Comes After Us!


We should probably be flattered that Breitbart would call out The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund in an article they published.  Yesterday, the “platform for the alt-right” published a whiny, crybaby piece about how unfair it was for Patreon to refuse to support racist extremists while allowing us to raise money to support anti-fascists (don’t worry- clicking the link above for the article in question won’t increase Breitbart’s hit count!).

The article repeats a popular falsehood that the U.S. Deparment of Homeland Security has classified antifa as a “domestic terror organization.”  There were a lot of hysterical claims about this in several mainstream and (ordinarily) credible media sources last year, but all of them were based on a single article posted by the Politico website.  That story, written by Josh Meyer, based this assertion on an anonymous DHS contact and “confidential law enforcement documents” that he claims to have seen.  But no one else has been able to independently verify Meyer’s claims.

Here’s what you can verify for yourself: no law enforcement agency anywhere has declared “antifa” to be a terrorist organization.  Check the DHS website or the FBI website or any other government source – nowhere is antifa listed as a terrorist organization.

We published a long piece completely discrediting Meyer’s “journalism” a few months ago.  It’s Going Down published their own analysis of the piece as well.  It’s a shame Breitbart’s writers didn’t bother to read either before writing their bullshittery.

While we’ve written to Patreon directly to give them a heads-up about all of this,  we’re not sure what, if anything, will come of it.  We wanted to make sure that all of our Patrons were aware that Breitbart and their white supremacist followers are directly targeting us and trying to shut us down.  We will do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen.  In the meantime, we will continue to support and defend anti-fascists, anti-racists and anyone that steps up to stand against bigotry, no matter where they are!  If you’d like to help us and wouldn’t mind making a monthly contribution to the Defence Fund, here’s where you can do just that!

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