Fleeing Russian Fascism

Dmitry Gluz.

It is an affront to a nation that suffered so horrifically and resisted so heroically under fascism to watch it devolve into a fascist state itself decades later. If you thought that Russia’s current fascist trajectory was something Putin dreamed up earlier this year, Dmitry can tell you different.

Dmitry is a Russian antifascist who has been actively involved in the struggle there for years. His involvement increasingly put him in the crosshairs of the Russian state, which lead to his arrest in 2020 outside a court hearing for the infamous RUpression/Network frameup and then again a year later when protesting the poisoning of anti-corruption activist and Putin opponent Alexei Navalny. During that second arrest Dmitry managed to record much of his interrogation on his phone – a daring and incredible feat when you consider the beating he received at the time, compounded with the fact that he is nearly completely blind.

Fast-forward to February 2022 and, on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Dmitry realized that the authorities would soon come calling on him again, leading him to flee to Georgia, where he actively protested against the invasion and raised funds for the Ukranian resistance. However, Tblisi being just 40km away from Russian tanks caused our friend to re-think his location and he is now applying for asylum in western Europe.

One of the major obstacles preventing him securing safe refuge are his finances – trying to get by on about $300USD/month does not leave much to procure resources to put your asylum case together, so The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was pleased to be able to help him with that.