We’ve Got Gothenburg



What it looks like in Gothenburg, Sweden, when the people turn out to counter a nazi march.

Gothenburg is not the kind of city that would normally spring to mind when you hear the phrase “street battles with fascists,” but over the last few years as Sweden’s so-called Nordic Resistance Movement tried to gain a foothold there, that’s been the reality.  The nazis there have bombed the city’s bookstores and refugee camps but also tried to publicly own the streets with marches and rallies.  The good people of Gothenburg were not having it and 20,000 of them ran the NRM off the streets in 2017.  A year later, the fascists tried to attack the city’s May Day march and were stopped dead in their tracks.  Then last year the NRM tried to hold a rally on May Day in neighbouring Kungälv but again were shown by thousands the error of their ways.

This all sounds like good news, of course, but we haven’t told you about the police yet.

Just like police everywhere, Gothenburg’s focused their policing efforts during these events not on the genocidal terror gang that had run a bombing campaign in the city, but on the anti-fascists opposed to them.  And just like everywhere, this meant that anti-fascists were faced with the choice of allowing murderous thugs free reign in their city or risking arrest to confront them.

Our friends, as described above, did the right thing but unfortunately this meant some arrests on our side.  Two anti-fascists there are currently awaiting trial for the “crime” of defending their city against nazi filth; a crowdfunder has been established to cover their legal costs, and of course The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has made a contribution to it.  We encourage others to do the same, just as we encourage you to contribute to the Defence Fund today so we can support anti-fascists no matter where they are, when they run into an emergency like this.