When Is Anti-Fascism Anti-Fascism?


The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was established “to provide immediate support to anti-fascists and anti-racists anywhere in the world, whenever they found themselves in a difficult situation as a result of their stand against hate.”   The question faced by the Defence Fund’s Decisions Crew recently was when does an action = an anti-fascist/anti-racist action?

We received requests for support from two individuals that had been charged with a) vandalizing a Donald Trump golf course; b) spray-painting the slogan “Your Heroes Murder” on a Vietnam War memorial and two police cars.  This lead to a lively discussion in the Decisions Crew about whether these actions were specifically anti-fascist/anti-racist enough to warrant tapping the Defence Fund.

On one hand, it was argued that these acts were acts of solidarity with marginalized groups that are underrepresented and under protected in an area with a long history of white supremacist activity.  But on the other hand, it was counter-argued that these acts were not specific enough to antifa activity and seemed more aligned with broader political objectives (e.g. anarchist/anti-war/anti-police).

In the end, we could not reach consensus and had to make the call via majority vote, with the majority of Decisions Crew members voting against.  It was a tough call, but it was also a good and important discussion.

Forza Charlottesville


In the wake of the white supremacist terrorist attacks in Charlottesville this weekend which as of this writing have left one person dead and at least 19 others seriously injured, the anti-fascists and anti-racists that have bravely stood on the front lines and taken the brunt of the violence from both the racist terrorists and the police are going to need our help.

There will no doubt be dozens of crowdfunding campaigns and appeals for donations to help the victims of this weekend’s racist violence and heavy-handed police repression of anti-fascism and anti-racism in Charlottesville.  Most will be well-intentioned expressions of solidarity; some will be poorly thought-out or even deliberately deceptive and fraudulent.

We have three recommendations for those willing to support the arrested, the injured, and the families of the deceased:

1) Vet any crowdfunding campaign asking for your support carefully.  Make sure the crowdfunding campaign has a clear way to get the money raised to the anti-fascists and anti-racists who need it.  Are they in touch with the antifa, their families or friends, their doctors or lawyers?  Have any of the people the crowdfunder is going to support endorsed the crowdfunder?  Have they explained their relationship to those people?

2) Donate to crowdfunding campaigns run by credible anti-fascist groups.  We recommend the fund being endorsed by Seven Hills Antifa as one place to donate, given that Seven Hills is a recognized antifa crew and part of The Torch Antifa Network.  This legal defense fund should also be legitimate, as it’s been endorsed by Rose City Antifa, who are also part of The Torch.

3) Consider donating right here, to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.  We’re an international fund run by over 400 anti-fascists in seventeen different countries, with a two-year track record of providing support to anti-fascists and anti-racists.  We report regularly on our activities and we’ve been endorsed by three different anti-fascists/anti-racist networks around the world.

If your send your donation with the message “Charlottesville,” we will earmark your donation to help those who have been hurt or arrested as a result of this weekend.

Help us show the brave, brave people in Charlottesville this weekend that we have their back!





Bad Fascism Comes In Threes


First: the racist extremists that attempted to hold a rally in Sacramento last summer assaulted and tried to stab Yvette Felarca when she showed up to clearly voice her opposition to their genocidal plans.  They failed to stop her.

Second: now that they had her name, bigoted trolls launched a massive online campaign to get her fired from her job as a school teacher; a campaign that included sending anonymous death threats against the school’s students.  Incredibly, the school board caved in to nazi trolls and did their bidding when they tried to suspend & discipline Yvette.  Yvette now had to fight against violent white supremacists and her own employer, who was now taking orders from anonymous terrorists.  She fought back and won full reinstatement to her job.

Third: Having failed to stab her to death; and having failed to get her fired through a terror campaign against her employer & her students, the fascist filth now have their buddies in law enforcement trying to take Yvette down by fabricating trumped-up charges against her.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was there to support Yvette when she had to fight her own employer to prevent them from being the puppets of an anonymous racist terror campaign against her and her students.  So naturally, we weren’t going to let her face this new battle without having her back.  We’ve sent a contribution towards her legal defence and we encourage all people concerned about the rise of fascism and racism to do the same by donating a few bucks to her official crowdfunding page.

You can help us help the Yvettes of the world when they most need help by making a donation to the Defence Fund!