September 2019 – Quarterly Report


After police in Hamilton, Canada arrested LGBTQ+ people who defended a Pride event from a attack by violent homophobes, Hamiltonians took to the streets to let them know what’s what.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund had a very, very active summer; over the past three months we’ve looked at ten different requests for support from 17 anti-fascists.  Here’s a recap for you:

That’s a lot of work that for a group of volunteers to take on over the course of three months, isn’t it?  It all added up to thousands of dollars going out to help anti-fascists.  100% of that money came from individual donations from anti-fascists around the world.  If we’re to keep doing this work, we need to replenish the Defence Fund and replace the money we’ve doled out.  That’s where you come in!  If you support the people putting themselves on the line to protect their communities from fascism and bigotry,   we are counting on you to demonstrate that by stepping up and giving whatever you can