Hitting Close To Home


Last week we dealt with two requests for support that hit the antifascists involved right where they live.

In South Carolina, two moms who also happen to be active antifascists had their homes raided by the FBI.  The feds raided their homes and vehicles, scoured their social media accounts, and arrested one of the moms in front of her kids for “harassment.”  During her interrogation, one of the FBI agents told one of the women that he was close friends with local neo-nazis.  When she was released from jail, three neo-nazis were waiting for her in a truck, blocking her driveway.  This all appears to stem from attempts by local antifa to expose known white supremacists in the area.  Details of the case are up on a blog here.

Meanwhile in another place we won’t name for reasons that will soon become apparent, antifascists have been targeted by nazis who are rolling up to their homes with guns and threatening to murder their families.  Imagine for a moment that this was your situation – racist extremists, who follow an ideology that praises and encourages the murder of its opponents – arrive at your house with guns, threatening to kill you & everyone you love.  Oh, and because they’re fascists, there is a good chance the police would side with them (if they haven’t already provided your address to them – see above!).

You’d have to immediately move you & your family someplace safe, correct?  With the support of the Defence Fund, that’s exactly what the family in question here did.  The next time the nazis come to burn them out or shoot them dead, they’ll just find a vacant home.

White supremacists and their close friends in law enforcement are bringing their race war right to the front doors of their enemy – anti-fascists.  We need to stand together to make sure our people are safe.   If you’d like to contribute to the legal defence of the antifa in South Carolina, here’s where you can do that.  If you’d like to ensure that we’re able to keep anti-fascists and their families safe from the kind of terror tactics described above, now is the time to make a contribution to the Defence Fund.