Nazis Vs. Culture

OSCK Postój‘s adorable logo

If there is one thing nazis seem to hate besides anyone that isn’t exactly like themselves, it’s culture. While they may pretend to be the champions of something they call “white culture,” that very notion – that you can take hundreds of different and distinct cultures from societies that may have had few commonalities and just lump them together as “white” – actually erases what makes each of those cultures special, demonstrating a profound contempt and disrespect for each of them, not reverence.

So it’s not entirely surprising that, when young people in Wrocław, Poland opened OSCK Postój, a cultural drop-in centre to provide a venue for cultural activities for a broad range of people in the community, local boneheads decided to attack it, beating one of the volunteers and vandalizing the building itself twice over New Year’s Eve. OSCK Postój have responded with a crowdfunder to help them repair the damage and fortify their months-hold venue.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was happy to help them reach their fundraising goal and hope that the Stopover continues to host shows, meetings, and cultural events that welcome everyone in the community and enrich the lives of the people of Wroclaw for years to come!