Biden < Revenge

Anti-authoritarians and anti-fascists take to Portland streets on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

This will be news to far-right extremists, but most American anti-fascists do not view Joe Biden as The Great White Savior and do not anticipate great things from his presidency, other than defeating his outright fascist opponent, This perspective was front-and-center on the streets of Portland on Biden’s inauguration day as well as a few weeks later, when people took to the streets protesting the inauguration and Biden’s “business as usual” immigration policies. Stuff got vandalized and Dak, one of the sole arrestees, was left holding the bag, taking a plea deal that kept him out of prison but also left him on the hook to pay for all of the property damage done in both actions – nearly $50,000USD in all!

That’s a lot of money for anyone to come up with. A donation page has been set up to help with those costs and the Defence Fund, after a healthy debate and vote, decided to help contribute directly.

It’s fair to say that this was one of the more controversial requests for support we’ve dealt with, due to the nature of the event and what got damaged. There was a lot of discussion and disagreement on what to do in this case, but ultimately a majority of the 1400+ people invited to help make decisions about the Defence Fund decided that helping was better than not helping.

By the way, would you like to be part of those 1400+ people that run the Defence Fund? Donate at least $20USD and we’ll invite you to join us!


Adel’s supporters with a prophetic banner!

Not even a month after we sent some support to Adel – an antifascist in Berlin done up on completely bogus charges – HE WAS ACQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES!!! Mad congratulations to him and all of his crew of supporters for this complete victory!

It’s not like this is the first time an antifascist has had their day in court and beaten the case against them, either. Just in the past twelve months, antifascists in France, Canada, the UK, and Germany, have all faced down the police and prosecutors in court and walked away free because they had solid lawyers with them – lawyers that the Defence Fund helped pay for. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the difference between being an antifascist locked away in prison and an antifascist on the streets defending the community from bigotry comes down to having enough money to pay for a good lawyer.

That’s one of the main reasons our project of antifascist solidarity exists. We’re extremely proud to say we have a long track record of success to back us up. And we want you to join in that success by making a contribution to the Defence Fund right now!