Anti-Fascist Network Endorses The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund

afn-logo2We’re happy to report that the UK’s Anti-Fascist Network agreed this week to endorse The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.

The Anti-Fascist Network is the UK’s largest and most-active anti-fascist/anti-racist network, representing 26 groups in England, Scotland, and Wales.  They join The Torch Anti-Fascist Network in the U.S. and Sweden’s Föreningen Fånggruppen as endorsers.

Defending The Anaheim Anti-Klan Activists


A few days ago, the KKK foolishly decided to show their faces at a park in Anaheim, California without their police friends there to protect them.  What happened as a result was entirely predictable: Anaheim anti-racists confronted the Kluckers as they got out of an SUV and ran them out of the area.  Some blood was spilled and at least one KKKoward stabbed three anti-racists.

Also predictable: when the police arrived, they arrested six KKKlowns and seven anti-racists.  But while all the KKK members were released without charges soon afterwards, the arrested anti-racists received trumped-up charges and had to post bail as high as $50,000.  The anti-racists who were stabbed now face huge medical bills as well.

Happily, Copwatch Santa Ana and the LA chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross Foundation  quickly put a crowdfunding page.   Shortly after a second crowdfunding page, purported to benefit one of the people stabbed, also appeared.

Partially because of the large amount of photos and video that were posted online after this incident, it received global attention and antifa from everywhere pledged their support.  As of this writing, over 2100 people from around the world have donated over $51,000U.S to both crowdfunding sites.

Today, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund also made a donation to the original crowdfunding page.  We chose to support this one because  it is being administered by two groups that we recognize, who have pledged to support multiple anti-racists that were involved in shutting the KKK down that Saturday.

We are heartened to see how anti-racists from all over the world rallied to defend and support the heroes of Anaheim.  This event has underscored for us the importance of continuing and growing The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.  Here are some reasons why we believe that’s true:

  • Anti-fascists and anti-racists shouldn’t have to rely on having ‘net-savvy friends that can put up and publicize a crowdfunding page to back them up in situations like this.  It’s vital to have a healthy, standing defence fund that’s ready-to-go whenever antifa need support.
  • It’s not always clear if a crowdfunding site related to a well-publicized event is legitimate or not.  In this case, there were many questions about whether the crowdfunding campaigns would really benefit our friends in Anaheim or if someone was trying to make a fast buck.  Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to verify in these situations.  But The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has a demonstrated track record of defending and supporting anti-fascists and anti-racists and reports on its activities regularly.   In addition, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has been endorsed by two well-regarded anti-fascist networks in Sweden and the U.S.

  • There was some controversy about one of the Anaheim antifa, who appears to have made some racist comments online in the past.  With 37 members of the Decisions Crew (and growing!) + a consensus-based decision-making model, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has the flexibility to make decisions in a fair and democratic way on the go.

    If you agree with this, we would encourage you to make a donation to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund today, so we are ready when the next Anaheim happens.


D Says Thanks!


You’ll recall back in January we wrote about D & K, two UK antifascists who were serving prison time for the “crime” of defending their communities from a gang of fascist twits.  We’re happy to report that both our friends are free again.  In fact, D wrote to us today and wanted us to pass on this message to everyone that donated to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund (which contributed to sorting D out), donated directly to D & K, and/or showed support in other ways.  D writes:

“hi guys.this is d from london antifa. i was locked up for 6 weeks for affray with some fash in 2014, and i just got out this week. I wanted to say thank you for you your donation, which has helped bridge the gap in pay created by the loss of my job. it was a shit poorly paid job anyway, but if it wasn’t for peoples generosity i wouldn’t have been able to wing it to the next job wage, so it really helped. I’m overwhelmed thankyou !!

also i had 40 letters, which is really important, as it gives you something to do, and i wrote back to every single person ! we really do look after each other and that makes me feel warm in my stomach, cheesy i know but i was shocked at how many letters i got. Solidarity to JOEL and congratulations to the anaheim crew on a great job and getting released. i am helping with similar legal issues in the future here in the uk. congratulations on an inspirational blog/site also and keep up the good work !! solidarity and unity”

This is the reason we started The Anti-Fascist Defence Fund in the first place; it’s an honour to be able to be there for heroes like D & K.

Big pat on the back to everyone that showed true solidarity with D and K when they needed it the most!