September 2018 – Quarterly Report

How was your summer?  Here’s what we got up to:

In other news, the Defence Fund really hit the big time when nazi online toilet paper roll Breitbart singled us out as a target for their followers to attack.  We’re happy to report that the coverage resulted in an immediate bump in donations – enough to make withstanding the resulting litany of anon abuse, doxx attempts, and death threats that worth it.  We were actually happy with the Breitbart thing – it shows that even the neo-nazis recognize the value of what we’re doing if they’re so intent to try to stop us.  We’re much happier with them spending their time & effort to come after us than, say, plotting to murder journalists or beating people to death or stabbing women at a reproductive rights demonstration or stabbing refugee children or bombing a safe house for transgender people or murdering a 13-year-old girl – all of which also happened over the summer.

If what we did over the summer and what we do year-round is something that you would be proud to support, then support us!  Today is the day to do that.

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