March 2019 – Quarterly Report


Ação Antifascista São Paulo, Fevereiro de 2019

It’s been a brutal winter, hasn’t it?  But neither rain nor sleet nor snow no subzero temperatures nor deadly windchill could keep antifascists from their appointed rounds of keeping the streets nazi-free, which means that some of our antifa friends got into a bit of a jam as a result.  Here’s how  The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was put to good use over the last three months:

We think that’s a pretty good three-month record of accomplishments – helping anti-fascists fight bullshit charges, repair injuries, reunite with the families, and even walk again!  None of that would happen without the generous support and donations from anti-fascists all around the world.  The Defence Fund relies 100% on donations from people just like you to do what we do.  Ensure that we’ll always be there to back up anti-fascists no matter where they are by making a donation to the Defence Fund today!