Free Adel!

By now we’ve all seen what happens when bigots and far-right extremists join forces with anti-science/anti-public health COVID konspiracy kooks. Around the world, this toxic mix has led to violent street demonstrations by those who equate “freedom” with the freedom to blithely harm others.

One such street demo happened in Berlin in March of 2021. There was an altercation when opposing anti-fascists put the principle of not conceding public space to outright fascists into practice and there was an altercation with of the fascist elements in that march. Of course, as cops always do, the intervening police singled out only the anti-fascists for arrests after the fracas died down, and were especially keen to arrest racialized anti-fascists like Adel.

Adel – an anti-fascist and migrant – was held in lockup for two weeks after his arrest, with his actual trial commencing in November 2021. After several delays and legal wrangling, Adel’s trial was suspended indefinitely, which leaves our friend with a legal sword of Damocles hanging over his head, ready to continue his trial and lock him up at any moment.

As you can imagine, this would be stressful enough for anyone, but on top of that Adel is left with a hefty legal bill from his lawyers who have got him this far already. No anti-fascist should incur such a hefty financial burden for defending their community and our sense of solidarity compelled The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund to help him pay his lawyer bill.

You’ll find more information about Adel, including how you can help him pay for his legal defence, on his support group’s website; you can also help us defend anti-fascists like Adel by making a contribution to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.