Adel’s supporters with a prophetic banner!

Not even a month after we sent some support to Adel – an antifascist in Berlin done up on completely bogus charges – HE WAS ACQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES!!! Mad congratulations to him and all of his crew of supporters for this complete victory!

It’s not like this is the first time an antifascist has had their day in court and beaten the case against them, either. Just in the past twelve months, antifascists in France, Canada, the UK, and Germany, have all faced down the police and prosecutors in court and walked away free because they had solid lawyers with them – lawyers that the Defence Fund helped pay for. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the difference between being an antifascist locked away in prison and an antifascist on the streets defending the community from bigotry comes down to having enough money to pay for a good lawyer.

That’s one of the main reasons our project of antifascist solidarity exists. We’re extremely proud to say we have a long track record of success to back us up. And we want you to join in that success by making a contribution to the Defence Fund right now!