Helping Hillary


What do you do if you’re a high school teacher that has offered a letter of recommendation to one of your students for his college applications, only to find out later that he’s been brandishing swastikas and racially-abusing his classmates?

For U.S. high school teacher Hillary, she had to rescind her recommendation upon learning this.  Which any reasonable person would see makes complete sense.  If a student’s behavior and judgement is that faulty, it would be wrong to continue to endorse them as a good candidate for other schools.

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished and because she rescinded her letter of recommendation, Hillary’s employer bizarrely suspended her without pay for twenty days.  Did they want her to knowingly recommend a kid acting like a neo-nazi instead?

We’re hoping this all gets worked out in Hillary’s favour in the very near future and we were happy to make a contribution to the crowdfunding page supporting her, so she doesn’t have to worry about paying rent or her bills or feeding her family because she stood up on principle against a racist little asshat that happens to go to the school she teaches at.

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