Backing De Vloek


It may seem odd at first glance that a fund dedicated to defending & supporting anti-fascists would send financial support to help in the legal defence of squatters in Scheveningen, Netherlands who were convicted of various “crimes” for resisting the eviction of their squat.  What do a group of squatters have to do with anti-fascism?

As AFA Den Haag put it “Any successful antifascist movement needs a reliable infrastructure to support it, preferably one as autonomous and far away from the prying eyes of repression as possible.

During the 13 years of its existence the “De Vloek” squat has been a place antifa always could count on to raise much-needed funds, host meetings and mobilization events and a no questions asked space to launch actions from or retreat too if needed.

In other words, De Vloek was a valuable resource for anti-fascists for 13 years.  De Vloek always had our backs; it was time to have their backs in return.  So we were honoured to be able to contribute to their legal defence fund and we call on all anti-fascists to do the same.

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