The KKKops Are Trying To Murder Us.



A Portland Police Department flash bang grenade embedded in the back of a helmet warn by an antifascist protestor on August 4th.  He nearly died.

If you’ve been following us for the last little while, you may have noticed a disturbing pattern of the police playing an increasingly-active role in trying to do harm to anti-fascists.  Some highlights from the past two years:

Which brings us to the events in Portland of August 4th.  Not to be confused with events there the month prior, where the police formed a line to protect alt-right bigots from anti-fascist counter-protestors but then fired flash bang grenades & pepper spray at the counter-protests to soften them up prior to letting waves of white supremacist goons run through their lines to attack counter-protestors , then run back to enjoy full police protection.

This time, the police were the instigators of violence, commencing with a volley of flash bangs and tear gas launched without reason or provocation.  In that first volley was a flash bang grenade fired directly at the back of an anti-fascist’s head from close range.  The grenade penetrated the antifa’s helmet and caused a serious head injury.  Had he not been wearing a helmet, he would have been killed instantly.  In the end, the police arrested four anti-fascists and injured at least that many.  Rose City Antifa have established a crowdfunder to help victims of the police violence on August 4th and we were happy to be able to contribute to it.  We would encourage you to do the same, and to also make a donation to the Defence Fund so we can continue to support people willing to risk death at the hands of fascist goons and their police collaborators.



Kiss My Antifa Grits!


Being a server is tough work.  How tough?  Scientists are calling it the most stressful job in the world!  So for M., it must have been welcome news that the Louisville DSA chapter had booked a meeting at the bar she worked, since one would imagine democratic socialists would at least tip well.

What no one expected was for a pack of white supremacist Proud Boy asshats to also show up to disrupt the meeting and harass poor M. all night.  When they finally left, some Louisville antifascists engaged in a frank and honest discussion with them in the parking lot – a discussion which concluded with some Proud Boys going home in an ambulance.  Cops were called.  Cops asked M. to ID the people that came to deal with the problem.  M. is not a snitch and did not snitch.

Her reward for putting up with racist and sexist harassment all night and then getting pressured by the po-po?  Fired.  The bar canned her.  Now she’s looking for a new gig and has asked for help paying the bills while she’s lookingThe International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was there to stand up for M. just as she stood up for the people that showed up to stand up against entitled, racist Proud Boy douchebags.

AND NOW WE’RE CHALLENGING LOUISVILLE DSA TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND MATCH OUR DONATION!!!  Hey there @dsa_louisville – this worker was fired because of what happened at your event.  How about passing the hat at your next meeting and matching what we put in, shall we?  That would do a lot to improve relations with antifa after your national organization raised $200,000 in donations for the victims of the Charlottesville terrorist attack last year and then refused to release any of the money or account for what happened to it.  Just sayin’.

Berkeley KKKops


Seven BerKKKeley’s “finest” surround a solitary, unarmed antifascist.  Your tax dollars at work.

It’s becoming ever-more apparent that the police are serving as the lethally-armed wing of racist extremists in their efforts to arrest, injure, or get anti-fascists killed.  That might sound like hyperbole if you haven’t been paying attention.  From Sacramento to Seattle; from Hannover to NYC; from Newnan to Toronto; from Portland to Berkeley (to name some recent examples), the po-po can’t wait to help white supremacists to frame, assault, injure, and try to murder anti-fascists.

Then there was Berkeley earlier this month.  Police there decided the best thing to do when white supremacists march in the streets was to attack, assault, and arrest as many of the 1000+ antifascists there to counter the march as possible.  And immediately release photos and full names of the antifascists arrested on social media.

It’s not hypothetical to say that releasing the identities of antifascists endangers them.  Just ask people who knew Dan Shersty and Lin “Spit” Newborn, two Las Vegas antifascists that were identified by a local neo-nazi gang that then stalked and murdered them.  This goes beyond making antifascists appear guilty without a trial (as the Guardian notes, much of the fabricated charges police lay against antifa disappear soon after).  This is providing the people responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks with a hit list.  And it’s not just Berkeley cops doing it: the month before, Toronto police arrested five anti-fascists on completely fabricated charges during a counter-protest of yet another Islamophobia rally, with one arresting cop publicly providing the full names of all five arrestees to the Islamophobes, who promptly attempt to dox all five.

The Berkeley police received a ton of criticism for endangering the lives of the people they (falsely) arrested.  But criticism doesn’t get the charges dropped or pay for your legal defence.  It doesn’t help you find a safe place to live after neo-nazis have used your name to track down your address.  And it doesn’t help you pay the bills when you can’t work because the kkkops broke your clavicle arresting you.

That was the situation D. found himself in after the events in Berkeley.  He reached out to us for some help paying his bills while he’s off work with his cop-sustained injury.  We were happy to help him out directly and would recommend that anyone reading this follow suit by kicking in to his crowdfunder.

Until some of the tax money spent on kkkops enabling them to arrest, assault, and endanger anti-fascists starts getting diverted to support anti-fascism (hey, we can dream!), The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is going to need your support to help take care of the people putting themselves in harm’s way to thwart fascism.  Here’s what you can do.


The Price Of Peacemaking



Police in Newnan, Georgia respond to the dangerous threat of non-violent, unarmed people wearing masks by pointing assault rifles at them, April 21, 2018

“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” should replace “To Serve And Protect” on cop cars in Newnan, Georgia.  This was certainly the lesson imparted on K, one of dozens of anti-fascists that arrived in that town on April 21st to counter a march of less than three dozen full-on neo-nazis.  Also in town to ensure that literal nazis were able to march unimpeded through American streets were at least 400 heavily-armed cops  (that’s right, about 10 cops for every single nazi shitbag in attendance; other estimates putting cop numbers that day at 700-800).  The actions of the cops that day were characterized by one journalist on the scene as “the most over-aggressive policing I’ve ever seen.”

When the cops encountered antifa wearing masks, their response was to point assault rifles at them.  That was the point that K decided the cops were getting out of hand, took off her mask, and tried to speak directly with the cops in an attempt to de-escalate a potentially lethal situation.  Her reward?  Being slammed to the ground and tackled by cops and hauled away under arrest, held in jail for 30 hours, and being fined.

As a result of trying to stop a police riot from claiming the lives of her friends and neighbours, K. has been left with a fairly hefty lawyer’s bill and a small-ish court fine.  She reached out to the Defence Fund for some help with this costs and we’re happy to say that we were able to help her with about 40% of her costs.  If we had enough money, we would have gladly paid the full tab.

Help us makes sure we can pay the full tab for the next K. that comes to us after being harmed for trying to stop their friends and allies from being murdered by the cops or for standing up to nazis literally marching in the streets – make a donation to the Defence Fund today!

Breitbart Comes After Us!


We should probably be flattered that Breitbart would call out The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund in an article they published.  Yesterday, the “platform for the alt-right” published a whiny, crybaby piece about how unfair it was for Patreon to refuse to support racist extremists while allowing us to raise money to support anti-fascists (don’t worry- clicking the link above for the article in question won’t increase Breitbart’s hit count!).

The article repeats a popular falsehood that the U.S. Deparment of Homeland Security has classified antifa as a “domestic terror organization.”  There were a lot of hysterical claims about this in several mainstream and (ordinarily) credible media sources last year, but all of them were based on a single article posted by the Politico website.  That story, written by Josh Meyer, based this assertion on an anonymous DHS contact and “confidential law enforcement documents” that he claims to have seen.  But no one else has been able to independently verify Meyer’s claims.

Here’s what you can verify for yourself: no law enforcement agency anywhere has declared “antifa” to be a terrorist organization.  Check the DHS website or the FBI website or any other government source – nowhere is antifa listed as a terrorist organization.

We published a long piece completely discrediting Meyer’s “journalism” a few months ago.  It’s Going Down published their own analysis of the piece as well.  It’s a shame Breitbart’s writers didn’t bother to read either before writing their bullshittery.

While we’ve written to Patreon directly to give them a heads-up about all of this,  we’re not sure what, if anything, will come of it.  We wanted to make sure that all of our Patrons were aware that Breitbart and their white supremacist followers are directly targeting us and trying to shut us down.  We will do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen.  In the meantime, we will continue to support and defend anti-fascists, anti-racists and anyone that steps up to stand against bigotry, no matter where they are!  If you’d like to help us and wouldn’t mind making a monthly contribution to the Defence Fund, here’s where you can do just that!

Holding It Down In Portland


Portland has seen more than its share of extreme right violence over the last year or two.  With two people stabbed to death by an alt right “free speech warrior” just last year + the seemingly never-ending Islamophobic/anti-refugee/”alt-right” rallies happening there ever since, it’s clearly a hotspot for both extreme right activity and also antifa opposition.

After local fascist organizer Joey “Patriot Prayer” Gibson & company got their asses handed to them last month, one would hope they got the message.  No such luck.  Instead, they doubled-down and flew in Proud Boys and other neo-nazi goons from all over the country for their June 30th event.  With full cooperation & support of the Portland police deparment, who provided an armed escort, then attacked antifa counter-protesters with pepper spray and rubber bullets before letting dozens of armed fascists charge through the police lines @ antifa.

But anti-fascists in Portland, even faced with attacks from the cops and non-state fascists, stood their ground, held it down, and stopped the fash from marching.  After a couple of intense police-faciliated street battles that left several injured on both sides and several antifa arrested by the po-po, the fash ran back to their bus and ran away once again.  Instead of smashing Portland antifa, fascist violence was shut down on the streets and local media ran numerous stories highlighting the violence of the fash groups, the connections between groups like Gibson’s Patriot Prayer and outright neo-nazis, and how much the police had helped the fash.

But we still have to deal with the aftermath.  Several antifa were injured and/or arrested and we don’t want them to face the consequences of that alone.  Two vouched crowdfunders have been set up here and here so it wasn’t a tough decision for the Defence Fund to contribute.  If you think it’s important to back up the people who face down armed fascist thugs & their police collaborators on the streets, you’ll want to contribute, too.


Bigot Mural Improvement


The mural of former Philadelphia police chief/notorious bigot Frank Rizzo, post-improvements.

We don’t know who exactly took it upon themselves to improve upon the mural of Frank Rizzo, the famously  racist and homophobic former police chief and mayor of Philadelphia, but if we did we’d certainly thank them for their community service and buy them a drink.  Rizzo’s notoriety as police chief was earned by doing things like calling for The Black Panthers to be lynched, framing civil rights groups, and ordering cops to specifically attack black protestorsIn his last bid for mayor, Rizzo publicly called on constituents to “vote white” and re-elect him.

You can’t walk a block in Philly without running into someone that remembers and loathes Rizzo.  So why the hell anyone would erect a mural & statue in honor of this racist, homophobic, and utterly corrupt cop and politician in that town is anybody’s guess.  There is a standing call for the mural to be removed but some of us apparently prefer a more direct approach and “fixed” it themselves.

In any event, the po-po did arrest and charge someone with the mural improvement and said person took a plea deal with included fifty hours of community service (from which we hope they deduct the time taken to perform the community service of improving the Rizzo mural!) + a $2000 fine.  The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was happy to kick in a significant chunk of that fine to help pay it off.  If you’d like to pitch in as well, there is a crowdfunder set up to pay off the fine.   If you’d like to enable us to take care of fines for future mural modifiers, donate to the Defence Fund today!



No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

At least not in New York, anyway.  Antifascists were in attendance at a candlelight vigil on June 24th to peacefully protest the kidnapping of migrant children by ICE, just in case there was trouble.  Of course there was trouble, in the form of two belligerent bigots that shoved their way through the crowd and attempted to assault a black man that was speaking to those gathered.  When they swung on a person that tried to de-escalate things, antifa intervened and quickly walked the racists away from the crowd.

Some liberal woman there decided that that was not appropriate action to take and that it was her job to call the police in, which of course she did.  The cop she waved over threatened one of the antifa and then 90 seconds later assaulted them, then arrested them on jacked-up, purely fictitious charges.

Now, because one of our antifa friends took steps to remove a violent racist from a peaceful protest, they face jail time and are compelled to mount a legal defence.  We all know that that costs money to do, so when they asked us to come up with half of a lawyer’s retainer, that’s what we did.  Now our friend at least has a competent lawyer to defend them as they go through a bullshit legal process, which they’re dealing with entirely because of the liberal busybody that decided she should bring the police in to punish people for protecting  protestors against violent racist thugs.

Defend The Block!


Residents of Flemington Estate face down bigots and their copper pals.

If there’s one thing we know about Milo Yiannopolous (besides being an advocate for pedophilia, that is) it’s that wherever he goes, a mob of racist goons is sure to follow.  Case in point: shortly after his appearance in Melbourne, Australia on December 4th, xenophobes out for the event took it upon themselves to start harassing Muslim women coming home after work on public transit to the Flemington Estate housing complex.

Soon enough, residents at Flemington Estate, most of whom were simply going about their lives, were confronted with an angry horde of jeering racists hurling racist abuse and threats at them.  The residents – most of whom were racialized and/or Muslim – did what they had to do, standing in front of their homes shoulder-to-shoulder in a show of force and defiance in the face of violent bigots.

Of course, the police were quick in intervene.  Not to stop the racist lynch mob threatening to attack local residents and destroy their homes, mind you, but to attack those very residents with batons and pepper spray.  And also to arrest four residents for standing up to the bigots threatening them, their families, their neighbours, and their community.

And so four Flemington Estate residents are now facing charges because fucking Milo and his clown army descended upon their ‘hood to try to terrify and threaten them.  A crowdfunder has been set up to make sure they aren’t left to face charges on their ownThe International Ant-Fascist Defence Fund was pleased to be in a position to make a contribution to the crowdfunder, because we stand with every single resident that faced down the racist terror that came literally to their front doors.  We encourage you to make a contribution as well and (as always) to ensure that the Defence Fund is always going to be there to protect the people standing up to the violence and hatred that comes to town when alt right goofs like Milo are given a platform.

The Damage Done


AZ Kim Hubert community centre, Salzwedel, Germany

The AZ Kim Hubert community centre in the small town of Salzwedel, Germany is probably not one you’ve heard of before.  Like many anarchist-run community centres, they offer a variety of programs and support as well as a physical base for anti-fascists to plan actions from.  All of this also means they’ve been a regular target for local neo-nazis to attack.

In the latest attack, a gang of 10 or more masked neo-nazis forced their way into the building in the middle of the night earlier this month.  Armed with crowbars, hatchets, and pepper spray, they made their way to the second floor where they attacked several people sleeping there, then proceeded to trash everything in sight before detonating a smoke bomb to mask their escape.

It’s very clear that the neo-nazis in Salzwedel regard AZ Kim Hubert as a direct threat to their genocidal plans.   It’s very clear that the neo-nazis in Salzwedel would like the people running AZ Kim Hubert to just give up and close it down.

Instead, AZ Kim Hubert is receiving support and solidarity not just from the good people of Salzwedel, but internationally.  It is in that spirit that The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is making a contribution directly to the centre to help them repair the damage and fortify their building.

If you’d like to help out AZ Kim Hubert as well, here is some information about donating directly to them.  If you’d like to ensure that The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is able to help the next community centre under fascist attack, here’s some information about donating to us.