A Tale Of Two Requests


Laura Southern’s antifa welcoming committee, Twin Cities, October 25, 2017.

It’s becoming increasingly common for The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund to deal with multiple requests for support at the same time.  Such was the case earlier this month, when the 500+ antifa who discuss requests and call the shots at the Defence Fund contended with two different requests that resulted in two differing decisions.

First, we received a request to help an antifa couple in the Twin Cities who joined over 200 other antifascists to confront a talk by racist troll Laura Southern on October 25th.  Fascists tried to pick off the couple in a physical attack and badly injured a woman’s knee.  This single incident created compounding problems, include the loss of her job due to her injury.

As one member of the Defence Fund’s Decisions Crew put it, “this kind of ‘low level’ disruption of the lives of antifascists must be countered through this kind of mutual aid and material support.  We can and must make sure comrades are supported when taking part in the struggle takes a toll.”   So we were happy to help her get back on her feet and back in the fight.

The other request we were asked to consider was to help with the legal defence of a member of Redneck Revolt who was charged by police with some bullshit after having the nerve to attend a protest of a police shooting of a Latino man.  This request generated a lot of back-and-forth discussion among the Decisions Crew and we were unable to reach consensus about what to do.  After taking a vote, we decided to not provide support for this request.

There were a few reasons why we opted out of contributing to this.  Some people argued that the action involved didn’t quite meet the definition of anti-fascist/anti-racist work, which is what the Defence Fund’s mandate is limited to.  Others pointed out that Redneck Revolt have their own defence fund (which they call their “war chest”) and felt that would be the appropriate resource to access for support.

But most of the opposition to this request had to do with one of Redneck Revolt’s co-founders, Dave Strano.  Strano has been outed as a serial abuser of women; something that Redneck Revolt does not appear to have done much of anything about to-date.  The Torch Antifa Network issued a statement condemning Strano and disassociating itself from Redneck Revolt until that organization takes meaningful action to address Strano’s abuse.  Many other antifa crews have done likewise.   As such, many in the Decisions Crew were not at all comfortable with supporting a request from Redneck Revolt until they take the necessary steps to deal with their own house.


Defending J20 Defendants


Donald Trump’s inauguration (or, as he’d like you to remember it, the “National Day of Patriotic Devotion”) certainly set the tone for what was to come.  A police riot the likes of which hasn’t been seen since maybe the 1968 DNC in Chicago was unleashed in DC from 11am on January 20th – a day which ended with the mass arrests of over 200 people.  Journalists, volunteer medics, legal observers, protestors, and bystanders – all were rounded up using police kettling tactics; all now face multiple felony and misdemeanor charges which could put them behind bars for decades.

Defend J20 Resistance has been posting the most up-to-date information an resources regarding the case.  They’ve also put together a legal defence fund to help with the costs the 200 defendees are facing, which The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was honored to contribute to.

If you want to support the J20 defendants, you can do that right here.

If you want to help us continue to defend people putting their freedom on the line to oppose fascism, you can do that right here.


Thank You For Your Service


Our man in Rojava.

Hopefully, most of you will have heard about the courageous anti-fascists from around the world that have travelled far from home to volunteer as fighters against the fascist scum of Daesh (aka ISIS aka ISIL aka the Islamic State).  All of them have recognized the importance of defending the Rojava revolution and the people struggling to replace Daesh’s brand of fascist theocractic fundamentalism with a truly egalitarian, feminist form of anarchism called “democratic confederalism.”

International antifascist fighting units like  Tabûra Enteransyonal, the International Freedom Battalionand the countless number of antifa who have joined the YPG and YPJ are literally putting their lives on the line to defend the people of Rojava and to liberate tens of thousands of others suffering under the fascist rule of Daesh.

So it was with our man Dev (nom de guerre), who exhausted his life savings to travel from his home country and join the YPG.  Dev has spent nearly two years fighting with the YPG.  Now Dev is trying to get back to his home country but the closing of regional airports and the fact that he’s in a war zone has complicated matters.

Dev needed $2000USD to get his ass out of there and get back home.  But after months and months of fighting as a volunteer, our guy didn’t have two cents to rub together.

Happily, through the magic of crowdfunding, Dev managed to raise up $1600 on his own in about a weekThe International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was proud to be able to put him over his goal and help bring him home.

Dev: if you’re reading this, first drink’s on us when you get back home.  Thank you for your service.


Biji Berxwedana Rojava!



Charlottesville – Leave No Antifa Behind!


Charlottesville: site of the racist terror attack that took the life of Heather Heyer and injured B. and 18 others.

In the wake of the racist terror attack in Charlotteville this past summer that left Heather Heyer dead and severely injured 19 others, lots of crowdfunding pages went up to help defray the costs of being attacked by the murderous fascist pig.  With close to one million dollars being raised, one would hope that the nineteen survivors of the attack would have nothing to worry about and could concentrate of recovering from the injuries they sustained, knowing their financial costs would be taken care of.

But here’s the problem: none of the Charlottesville crowdfunding campaigns had clear oversight or accountability structures built-in to their efforts, so the well-meaning people that made donations didn’t actually have any say in how the funds would be dispersed.  And it’s starting to come out that some of these campaigns have not been operating in a way that most of their donors would approve of.

Case in point: B. is one of the anti-fascists severely injured in the same attack that claimed the life of Heather Heyer.  Since August 12th, B. has been unable to work as he awaits surgery for the injuries he sustained that day.  He’s also been the subject of an intense doxxing campaign by his attacker’s racist associates, who are keen to harass and further endanger those whom their fellow scumbag failed to murder.

B. requested help paying his rent and putting food on his table from one crowdfunding campaign, which had raised $200,000 allegedly to support the survivors of the Charlottesville attack.  Imagine his shock when the powers controlling that fund told him they would not release a penny to him or anyone else until they could prove that they had applied for assistance from government programs like the Virginia Victims Fund first.  To do so, B. would have to provide identification, which would in turn make his full name and address a matter of public record, further endangering him.  He would also have to agree to “cooperate” with the state, without any explanation of what sort of “cooperation” he would be compelled to furnish.

Contrast this with The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund: when we received B’s request for help, we had a discussion among the 500+ members of the Fund’s decisions crew about what to do.  Through that discussion, we were able to reach consensus about helping him pay his living costs while we recovers and send him the money.  That took us all of a week to do.  And now we’re blogging about our decision so everyone can see what our decision was.  At no time did we require B. to reveal information that could put him in further danger or compromise his personal security.

These are some of the reasons why we established the Defence Fund in the first place.  When a horrific attack like what happened in Charlottesville goes down, lots of well-meaning people will put out calls for donations to help the victims.  Some of these will, however, have no clue how to actually contact the people they’re claiming to support, much less get the money to them.  And some people will put out similar calls but with no intention of ever delivering the money to where it’s needed, putting up unnecessary barriers and hoops for victims to jump through.

Unlike one-shot crowdfunders, the Defence Fund:

To be honest, it’s frustrating for us to continue to operate in this fashion but see the bulk of donations to go fly-by-night crowdfunding pages that have no real accountability or transparency.  For example (and not to toot our own horn too loudly!), it is quite clear that everyone would have been better off if the DSA had turned the $200,000 it raised over to us for dispersal instead of deferring to ever-more-remote authorities and Byzantine councils, steering committees, and liberal intermediaries – none of whom have the experience with antifa support that we do.
All of which is to say that if you truly want to support people like B., it’s best to put your money into the Defence Fund, where we’re up-front about the decisions we make and can move fast.  You can start by making a contribution today, even!

The Battle Of Richmond


On September 16th the good people of Richmond, Virginia descended upon the town statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, rightly demanding that this monument to the defenders of slavery and affront to humanity be taken down.  Naturally, this attracted bigots of all kinds, who attempt to disguise their own racism as an interest in preserving statues to the losing side of the Civil War for “historical” reasons (funny how these people never propose to erect monuments to the victims of slavery for “historical” reasons, but we digress!).

There were some clashes and confrontations throughout the day and the Richmond police, perhaps thinking their role was to re-enact the role of their predecessors as the enforcers of slavery, chose to “keep the peace” by arresting several anti-fascists and supporters of Black Lives Matter.  Now seven people are facing an array of fictitious charges dreamed up by the RPD and need help paying for their legal defence.

The good news is that local organizers were able to obtain pro-bono legal counsel, which significantly reduced the costs involved.  Better news still: The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was able to pony up the cash required to pay for more than half of the remaining legal bill!  Now our friends in Richmond have one less thing to worry about and can concentrate on defending themselves just as they defended their community that Saturday.

Of course, we would not have been able to do what we did without the generous contributions to the Defence Fund made by hundreds and hundreds of people that believe in showing real solidarity with the anti-racists who put themselves on the line.  Please make a donation of any amount to the Defence Fund today, so we can keep backing up anti-fascists and anti-racists wherever and whenever they need backing up.

Backing Patryk Again



Long-time readers will recall the case of Patryk, a Polish anti-fascist convicted of crimes that were entirely fabricated by neo-nazis in a successful attempt to neutralize his opposition to their genocidal presence.  Rather than serve the three years in prison, Patryk fled to the UK, where he fought extradition back to Poland.

Bad news compounds upon bad news, as Patryk lost his extradition case and has been forced to leave his 10-year-old son behind in the UK while he serves out his sentence in Poland for a crime that he not only did not commit, but one that happened solely in the collective imaginations of Polish boneheads and their friends in the prosecutor’s office.

ABC Brighton wants to make sure that Patryk’s son is well looked-after while separated from his dad and are raising funds to ensure that happensThe International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was pleased to be in a position to help out with that by contributing to the cause.  We highly recommend other anti-fascists follow suit.


September 2017 – Quarterly Report


Greetings from Berkeley!

It’s been a crazy, crazy summer, hasn’t it?  Antifa went from being an obscure movement of people willing to actually stand up and defend their communities from white supremacist terrorists to being the “it” topic of the summer.  This was largely because of the unprecedented wave of violence and killings committed by racist extremists this year.

Incredibly, “moderates” and the mainstream media reacted to this not by condemning the wave of racist terror unleashed, but by condemning those courageously opposing it!  Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting surveyed the coverage of this after the white supremacist terrorism in Charlottesville and found that the media was slightly more-likely to condemn “antifa” as it was the fascists that murdered nine people this summer.  Whether this was due to their own tendencies to rely on the logical fallacy of false equivalence or whether it is the influence of the Russian false news & disinformation apparatus that contributed to Trump’s election victory now turning its sights on antifa, much of the mainstream media are now parroting the talking points of neo-nazis and racist extremists – right down to referring to them by their preferred euphamism of “white nationalists.”

The police, who liberals tell us to rely on to stop this, openly collaborated with the bigots in Portland and stood aside and did nothing as KKK leaders shot at racialized people in Charlottesville.  More than ever, it’s become clear that we can’t expect liberals or their institutions to back us up as armed racist extremists literally march through our streets.

So that was the context antifa found themselves in this summer.  Counted on to defend their communities and literally save people’s lives more than ever, but expected to do that on their own and face condemnation and police repression for doing so.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is one of the only means of support and solidarity that anti-fascists and anti-racists can count on to have their back when they put themselves on the line against hate and have to deal with the consequences.  So while antifa had to ramp things up this summer, so did the Defence Fund.  Over the last three months the Defence Fund donated over $6000USD to more than a dozen anti-fascists and anti-racists – more than the Defence Fund gave out in its first two  years combined!  The money went to bail, legal fees, medical bills and, in one tragic case, to support the surviving daughter of a committed anti-fascist that was murdered by Daesh (aka ISIS).

If things continue at the pace of this past summer, the Defence Fund will have been called on to support twice the number of anti-fascists and anti-racists that we helped out in 2016.  It would also mean that the Defence Fund will be completely tapped out before the end of this coming winter.

You might not be the kind of person that is going to stand face-to-face with armed bigots marching through your town to try to shut them down.  You might not be the kind of person willing to publicly condemn hate when it rears its ugly head and threatens you, your family, your friends, and/or your neighbors.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t support the people who are that courageous.  Donating to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is probably the most effective way to do that.  SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON!




Putting Our Lives On The Line


Antifa in Portland, August 6, 2017

One of us recently got into an argument with a liberal that has lots of negative shit to say about the “macho dudes in their 20s who are in antifa because they love violence.”  We know those dudes in their 20s; hell, some of us are those dudes in our 20s!  So we are in positions of authority on this subject and can say with an extremely high degree of confidence that none of us love violent confrontations with murderous fascists.

We’d love to be like the liberals and pretend that a non-violent, pacifist position when dealing with the violent racist extremists that have so far murdered at least 28 people this year  is a superior moral position to take.  But we know that it really is a position of privilege.  If you don’t look like the sort of person that bigots would shoot while attending your place or worship  or stab to death while walking down the street or get beat unconscious while out walking your dog or intentionally drive a truck over, then you can afford to choose whatever moral high horse you want to ride into your ineffectual “resistance” of fascist violence.

But some of us don’t have that kind of privilege.  Bigots have been targeting people like us or like our friends and families and neighbors from the jump.  And some of us that do have that kind of privilege have voluntarily set it aside to put our bodies on the line to defend the people that fascists intend to victimize.  As Logan Rimel said in his essay about his experiences in Charlottesville, “You want to be nonviolent? That is good and noble…But I want you to understand what you’re asking of the people who take this necessary stance against white supremacy, the people who go to look evil in the face. You’re asking them to be beaten with brass knuckles, with bats, with fists. To be pounded into the ground, stomped on, and smashed. You’re asking them to bleed on the pavement and the grass. Some of them are going to die.” 

So it was in Portland a week before the racist terrorism of Charlottesville.  Only a handful of weeks after a self-proclaimed “free speech activist” and frequently attendee of alt right rallies stabbed two men to death on a Portland train and nearly killed a third, fascists held yet another rally in Portland.  And they came equipped with their usual weapons.  And like every other time before, some antifa stood up to them and put themselves directly in the line of fire.  So other people wouldn’t be in that line of fire.

This selfless act of community self-defense earned our side some lumps.  The Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers’ Collective logged multiple concussions, facial fractures, lacerations, contusions, and one dislocated knee among the community defenders.  Which in turn resulted in medical bills.  Which the Defence Fund was honored to help pay for.

If antifa weren’t willing to stand between armed genocidal racists and the rest of us, what do you think would happen?  If you’re not willing to stand with them, you should at least be willing to help them deal with the consequences that come with that level of courage.

Guess Who Got A Helicopter Ride?


Taking care of some white supremacist trash at the AmRen “conference” in July.

Increasingly, white supremacists and fascists like to get all dressed-up and cosplay normal people at “conferences,” where they agree with each other about their own superiority and listen to people like violent ex-con/disgraced former Marine Nathan Damigo and (of course!) alt-right human punching bag and privilege poster boy Richard Spencer.


Artist’s rendering of typical AmRen “conference” attendee.


But it doesn’t take much for these goons to show their true colors.  At the white racist “American Renaissance” (AmRen) conference in Burns, TN this past July, all it took was a large gathering of loud but entirely peaceful antifa for the wheels to come off of the Fash Respectabilitymobile.

Ohio neo-nazi William Markley, perhaps feeling a need to assert his dominance to distract from his other, glaring shortcomings, took it upon himself to charge at and attack one of the protestors.  Of course, not head-on; witnesses report Markley decided to “come running from behind swinging his arms.”

Unfortunately for Markley, he chose well-known anarchist thinker and area activist J.C. as the target for his violence.  J.C. knows how to handle himself.

Via eyewitness reports from It’sGoingDown:

“‘J. just threw down…Next thing I know, dude is sliding down the hill into the lake and the cops are running in. It was like the guy did a huge pile of cocaine and decided to fight all the antifa.’ J.C.’s act of self defense resulted in a few minor abrasions and an arrest for disorderly conduct. Markley on the other hand, had to be taken by helicopter to a Nashville hospital for a CT scan, and was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct as well.”


William Markley, post-helicopter ride

“Although Alt-Right trolls have frequently targeted antifascists online, promising a Pinochet-inspired helicopter ride, none have had the capacity to take it to the meatspace and deliver. How bittersweet it must be for those righteous keyboard warriors to know that an antifascist provided one of their own with a ‘helicopter ride.’ To add insult to injury, antifascists collectivized a white nationalist flag which was used for a late-night fire. Let it be known: if racists come to Tennessee to stir shit, it will be expensive, y’all.”


J.C.’s clear-cut act of self-defense is turning out to be expensive for him as well, as he was subsequently charged with a misdemeanor that prosecutors soon threatened to blow up into aggravated assault charges.  Unlike the KKK members that literally stabbed anti-fascists in Anaheim, California last year or the neo-nazis who stabbed nine people in Sacramento a few months later or the alt-right clown that shot an antifa & IWW member at an anti-Milo event in Seattle this past January. Apparently, violence at clashes between racist extremists and the communities they terrorize is only criminal when people defend themselves against armed bigots.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was pleased to help such a well-respected activist with the legal costs he’s facing defending himself in the courts after defending himself in the streets.

When Is Anti-Fascism Anti-Fascism?


The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was established “to provide immediate support to anti-fascists and anti-racists anywhere in the world, whenever they found themselves in a difficult situation as a result of their stand against hate.”   The question faced by the Defence Fund’s Decisions Crew recently was when does an action = an anti-fascist/anti-racist action?

We received requests for support from two individuals that had been charged with a) vandalizing a Donald Trump golf course; b) spray-painting the slogan “Your Heroes Murder” on a Vietnam War memorial and two police cars.  This lead to a lively discussion in the Decisions Crew about whether these actions were specifically anti-fascist/anti-racist enough to warrant tapping the Defence Fund.

On one hand, it was argued that these acts were acts of solidarity with marginalized groups that are underrepresented and under protected in an area with a long history of white supremacist activity.  But on the other hand, it was counter-argued that these acts were not specific enough to antifa activity and seemed more aligned with broader political objectives (e.g. anarchist/anti-war/anti-police).

In the end, we could not reach consensus and had to make the call via majority vote, with the majority of Decisions Crew members voting against.  It was a tough call, but it was also a good and important discussion.