One People’s Court

You’ve probably noticed by now that biggest proponents of “the master race” idea don’t tend to be outstanding examples of that same idea themselves. To be blunt, white supremacists do not tend to be obvious exemplars of the alleged mental, moral, or physical supremacy of the “white race.” This tendency towards the Dunning Kruger Effect also appears to extend to the realm of civil law, given that a white supremacist managed to hire a lawyer to sue The Torch Antifa Network over some imagined slight of some kind. The problem is he’s yet to, you know, sue The Torch Antifa Network and instead is attempting to sue venerable anti-racist charity One People’s Project on the basis of OPP having once registered a website for The Torch Antifa Network. We’ll let OPP head Daryle Lamont Jenkins tell the story:

So there you have it. The brilliant plan to sue The Torch Antifa Network out of existence stumbles out of the blocks by not managing to sue the correct group.

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