KKKop Consolation Prize


JM Carico

One thing that can be said about cops in Tennessee: they just do not give up!  Back in 2017, when JM Carico was attacked by a white supremacist named William Markley, who was attending the annual AmRen convention that Carico was protesing, the police thought they might be able to jam Carico up after Markley ended up very much on the losing side of that altercation and got a helicopter ride to ER for his troubles.  We’re pleased to report that Carico very handily won the court battle as well that time, thanks in some part to the Defence Fund being able to help out with legal defense costs.

Well, the police were just not willing to let it go or learn lessons, it seems, and when the 2018 version of that white supremacist circus came back to Tennessee, they hit Carico with charges again – this time some very sketchy simple pot possession charges.  So once again, Carico is going on trial and once again the Defence Fund decided to throw in to make sure a decent lawyer is there.

We can’t wait to see what bullshit charges the po-po will dream up this year.  Stay tuned for that.