Never Let Them Have The Streets


It’s 2019.  We’re all quite aware of what happens when you let violent bigots march in the street to demonize religious minorities without opposition.  Luckily, hundreds of thousands of us are willing to stand in the streets against them and demonstrate exaclty what no pasarán means.  London knows this more than just about anywhere in the world, from the Battle of Cable Street to present day.

So when Islamophobic charlatan/multi-millionaire/convicted scam artist/former leader of a grooming gang Tommy Robinson Stephen Yaxley-Lennon declared that he & his slavering followers would march against Muslims there on December 9th, Londoners rose up to make sure this wasn’t going to go off as the bigots had planned.  Led by an anti-fascist feminist coalition, the Islamophobes were outnumbered and outwitted all day long.  Unfortunately, the Met could not let this opposition succeed without attacking the anti-fascists and in the end three of our own were arrested.

One of the three is a proud member of Brigata Ultrá Clapton – supporters of London antifa football club Clapton CFC – and reached out to us for assistance with his legal costs, which we were happy to help with.  You can do the same by donating to their crowdfunder right here.