Antifa Love From Russia To Sweden!


The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund
was recently called on to help out two European anti-fascists at the same time.

Oleg is a Russian anti-fascist that was permanently injured neo-nazi filth in an attack in 2004.  His injuries have required expensive ongoing medicine and treatment ever since.  While some people would be understandably intimidated by this and refrain from further anti-fascist actions, Oleg continued to publicly participate in anti-fascism but is now seeking a safer place for himself and his family and the medical necessities to establish himself in his new home.  The Defence Fund was happy to assist him with his medical needs back in 2015; we are likewise happy to help him in his plan to move to a safer location.  If you’d like to also help Oleg, you can find out how right here.

“Hanna” (not her real name) is an anti-fascist in Sweden that was arrested and faces criminal charges for her participation in an antifa blockade against Pegida Islamophobes.  Her crime?  She was shouting at the racists too loudly!  Seriously, in Sweden it is now a crime to voice your opposition to racist xenophobes too loudly!

In any event, Hanna (who we have nicknamed “Shouty Shouterson”) has secured a lawyer for her defence but does not speak fluent Swedish and requires a translator for her court proceedings at her own cost, so we’re pleased to be able to send her some money to help with that.  We hope that she hires the loudest translator available!

If you’d like to support Hanna “Shouty Shouterson” in her fight against this absurd farce of a trial, you can find out how here.

If you can’t believe that people like Oleg and Hanna “Shouty Shouterson” have to contend with circumstances like this because they publicly declared their opposition to hatred and bigotry and you want to help people just like them, then you need to make a donation to the Defence Fund!

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