Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur? Not the DOJ/FBI.

Dan Baker with his YPG unit in Rojava.
Above: Dan Baker with his YPG tabur in Rojava.

A lot has happened after the attempted insurrection in Washington, DC on January 6th to show exactly who the legal system is concerned with and who they’re not concerned with.

NOT CONCERNED WITH: people who attempted to stop the verification of the 2020 election vote and overthrow the government by storming the capitol, forcing elected officials to flee for their lives. People like Adam Johnson, pistol packin’ Christopher Alberts, Joshua Pruitt, or would-be vacationer Jenny Louise Cudd – all of whom have been charged for the events of January 6th – have since been released on bail. The message is clear: a murderous right-wing mob can try to overthrow the government, beating a cop to death in the process, and they’ll be back out on the streets pending trial.

Then there’s our man Dan Baker, who the FBI picked up and charged after he expressed concerns for a repeat of the January 6 attacks happening at the Florida state capitol. Dan is a former Airborne soldier and former volunteer with the YPG in Rojava, where he fought Daesh/ISIS alongside US forces. He’s also a street medic who was one of the first on the scene to treat people injured in shootings in Seattle this summer. He’s done outreach and support work for homeless people around the country. He put himself in harm’s way to stop the fascists in Daesh from murdering people. If anyone deserves our accolades and support, it’s Dan. Yet, thanks to an FBI attempt to railroad an anti-fascist, Dan currently sits in jail, WITHOUT BAIL BEING GRANTED, waiting on his trial date.

This is why the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund sent Dan’s supporters funds to help make sure he’s taken care of and has a place to return to when he beats the charges. We think you should do the same by sending some help via Venmo/Paypal
@echampagneart or Cashapp $echampagneart. No money to donate but you have a printer? Download this flyer about Dan and get it out there!

Freiheit Für Lina!

Leipzig, Germany has a neo-nazi problem. The International Violent Hate Crimes Research Project documented enough violent attacks by neo-nazis and the far right in that small city in 2020 to mark it as one of worst cities in Europe for right wing extremist violence. Obviously, this is a grave public safety emergency that most people would think the police would devote themselves to tackling.

Instead, what do the police do? They launch a series of raids of people’s homes and round up a group of anti-fascists – the very people who are actually defending the people of Leipzig from this wave of fascist violence! It’s almost as if the police are on the side of the fascists or something! (If you’ve been reading this blog or following the Defence Fund for any length of time, we’re certain that you are shocked – SHOCKED! – at such an allegation.)

Now the LKA police have dreamed up an imaginary elite antifa terror squad that have been allegedly roaming Leipzig and attacking innocent right wing extremists. The kkkops pinning this mythical scheme on a 25-year-old woman as the “ringleader/puppet master.” Now Lina finds herself having to fight for her very freedom as the state attempts to lock her up because she opposes fascism.

Lina’s friends have set up a support group to help her defend herself in court and are taking donations for her legal defence, which our Defence Fund was happy to contribute to. Because anti-fascism = community self-defence!

Now Hear This!

Our man W. suited up for action!

One thing we’ve seen time and time again at protests in 2020 is how appreciated and respected volunteer street medics are to the protestors they’re caring for and on, several occasions, saving the lives of. Another thing we’ve seen time and time again at protests in 2020 is how much cops hate volunteer street medics and how often they’ll single them out for violence and abuse. It’s so bad, in fact, that Human Rights Watch has written a report about U.S. police attacking volunteer street medics, often while they’re in the middle of performing life-saving first aid.

We don’t know if that’s what happened when W. – a familiar sight at various protests in the Pacific North West as a volunteer street medic – was hit in the head with a flashbang grenade in Olympia earlier this month. But we do know who is likely to bring flashbangs to a protest and we do know who likes to try to take off people’s heads with them. We also know that this particular flashbang did some serious damage to W., leaving him with burns on his head and a completely obliterated eardrum.

W. now needs to raise several thousand dollars for reconstructive ear surgery to restore his hearing. We were not about to let him have to scrape the funds together on his own so The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was happy to show our gratitude to street medics like him by making a significant donation to his crowdfunder. Our friend literally volunteers his time and skill set by putting himself in the line of fire to save people who have been badly hurt – we all need to show W. and street medics like him that we have their backs when things go the other way for them.

She Defended Us; We’re Defending Her

August 3, 2020: Black Lives Matter protest in Colorado Springs, Co.

If you turned on the news at any point over the last five months then we don’t have to tell you that protesting police brutality & racism is a dangerous thing to do in America circa 2020. Over the summer there were 104 separate car attacks against Black Lives Matter protests. At least five people have been killed while attending a BLM protest.

It should then come as no surprise that those fighting for racial justice by in the streets take threats they receive very seriously. So when people made threats to shoot up and drive cars through a Black Lives Matter protest in Colorado Springs, Co. in August, some BLM protestors came armed.

Happily and like 97.7% of BLM protests, there was no injuries reported, no arrests made, and not really any trouble to speak of, as the livestream from the event attests to.

So you can imagine Sherrie’s surprise a month later when, after attending the protest and making sure everyone was safe, she was sitting at home with her three kids only to have a SWAT team storm her home, hold her children at gunpoint, and take her away in handcuffs, charging her with “riot” and weapons offences that she is plainly innocent of.

Now in addition to raising her family and after defending BLM activists from terrorist threats against them, Sherrie needs to raise thousands of dollars to hire a good legal team to defend her in court. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was able to help her with that, but only because of the people who have contributed to the Defence Fund so it’s ready to help people like Sherrie. Please become one of those people by making a contribution today!

Welcome Home.

David Campbell

Being an antifascist can be scary at times. We literally put ourselves in harm’s way when confronting fascists & their kkkop pals. Every time we go out in the streets, we hope that nothing terrible happens to us or to our comrades.

Most of the things we worry about happened to David Campbell. As an antifa in NYC, David went out to protest an appearance by alt-right misogynist and supplement peddler Mike Cernovich. A scuffle broke out which David was in the vicinity of when an NYPD cop overreacted by tackling David, breaking his leg.

As if having one’s leg broken by a cop wasn’t bad enough, this same cop then tried to cover it up by pressing fabricated assault charges against David. The cop’s story quickly fell apart though when David’s lawyers uncovered video evidence that completely contradicted the cop’s claims upon which the charges were based. But instead of dropping the bullshit charges, the DA simply filed different charges that carried a severe sentence possibility, forcing David to accept a plea deal for a crime he didn’t commit and do time.

Happily, David has done his time and is being released from prison this week! However, he’s coming home to a world dramatically transformed by COVID-19, which, when added to the barriers of being a paroled felon, are going to make it super-challenging for him to get back on his feet.

When David was unable to work or earn money because of his broken leg, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund made sure he could keep a roof over his head and food on the table.

When David was forced to take a plea deal on fabricated charges, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund made sure he had enough money in his prison commissary to keep him as comfortable as possible while he did his bid.

Now that he’s coming out and needs to get established & settled back in the world, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has sent him money to help secure housing, pay off some outstanding medical bills, and buy the time he needs to get his life in order. We encourage you to welcome David home by making a contribution to his support group here. To make sure that the future David Campbells of the world have the help they need when they need it most, we also encourage you to make a contribution to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund today!

Rescues & Rebellions

The Crew of the Iuventa rescuing some of the 14,000 refugees they’ve saved from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

Last month, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund showed some genuine solidarity with two groups doing real anti-fascist work in Europe.

The Iuventa is a rescue ship that’s been operating in the Mediterranean Sea since 2016. During those four years it save saved the lives of over 14,000 refugees risking their lives to find safe haven by traversing the deadliest border in the world.

If you’d think that such heroic efforts would be lauded the world over then you won’t be surprised that the crew of the Iuventa have received awards from The Paul Grüninger Foundation and Amnesty International for their life-saving work.

But not in Italy.

Italy has taken the position that saving refugees from drowning is a criminal act and has seized the Iuventa and launched an absurd investigation into the crew for “people smuggling.” The Iuventa 10 now face criminal prosecution in Italy on charges that could lead to 20-year prison sentences if convicted.

We can think of fewer actions that more closely embody the values of anti-fascism than to literally save the lives of thousands of refugees. We are honoured that we were able to make a donation to the legal defence of these 10 antifa sailors and we encourage everyone who believes that the value of human lives transcends borders to do the same.

While the Defence Fund’s Decisions Crew was discussing this case, the post-election situation in Belarus transformed into a full-scale rebellion against that country’s autocrat. The state’s response has been mass arrests, kidnappings, and brutal violence. Anarchist Black Cross Belarus made a call for support for the legal defence of those detained/arrested and The Defence Fund was one of the first organizations to respond with a large contribution.

Anti-fascism doesn’t always look the way it’s portrayed in the news media.
Sometimes it means rescuing migrants from drowning. Sometimes it means standing up to dictators. But anti-fascism is always about showing true solidarity with anti-fascists doing such important work. That is why The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund exists. So if supporting actions like these is something you want to do, we have a simple way for you to start doing that!

Defend Wien!


Wien’s finest, protecting & serving fascists by shutting down anti-fascists while allowing fascists to  publicly march in the streets.

The gif of the incident tells the entire story – a fascist goon in Wien chooses a much smaller anti-fascist as his target at an anti-fascist rally and aggressively goes after them, not anticipating that the antifa would effectively defend themselves with a decent left hook!  Anyone can see who the aggressor is here and who was defending themselves.  But of course that wasn’t good enough for the police, who charged the anti-fascist for failing to leave the scene before being attacked!  And it apparently wasn’t good enough for the courts, either, who convicted our friend!

If you’ve been following our activities, this shouldn’t come as any surprise – the police and the courts seem to think their role is to prosecute anti-fascists while enabling fascist violence – that is when the police aren’t directly involved in attacking antifa themselves.  Does that sound hyperbolic to you?  Take a look at this list of police attempts to harm anti-fascists we published two years ago.  Or ask yourself: when is the last time you heard of the police tear-gassing or pepper-spraying or firing rubber bullets at or beating fascists like the KKK or the Proud Boys, etc.?
whencopsshowuptothenazirallySo our friend in Wien – who now is faced with paying heavy fines and legal costs for the “crime” of defending themselves against a fascist clearly bent on attacking them – isn’t the first anti-fascist criminalized by a legal system hell-bent on facilitating fascist violence and they won’t be the last.  But we’re here to support our friends whenever they are attacked – by fascists without badges or by fascists with badges – for as long as we have funds available to do so.  Please make sure we’re always around to do this work and stand in solidarity with anti-fascists criminalized by the courts by making a contribution today.


The Flag Of Victory!


Attention Lüneburg prosecutor: THIS FLAG IS FREE & LEGAL!

You might recall a case from this past spring where we sent some money to an antifascist in Lüneburg, Germany to help him mount a defence against charges he received for flying the flag you see in the image above.  The prosecutor in that town somehow got the idea that flying this particular flag was against the law and charged our friend for doing so.

We’re all quite certain the prosecutor’s intent was to have our friend plead down to a lesser sentence, pay a simple fine, and be done with it.  What they didn’t account for our our friend’s determination to not allow the German state to criminalize antifascism and solidarity with the Kurdish people and the revolution they are fighting for in Rojava.  So instead of accepting a plea deal, he demanded a trial, and we helped to make sure he had all the legal resources he needed to mount an effective case in court.

How effective a case?  We got the news yesterday: the judge threw out all the charges against our friend and acquitted him!

Because our friend had all the legal resources he needed to make his case, he’s walked free and the attempts by the state to make support for antifascism and the Rojava revolution a crime have failed.  Because we were able to provide him with a chunk of the necessary funds, he had those legal resources to fight his case and win.

So if you have ever contributed to the Defence Fund, please know that this victory is also your victory.

And if you haven’t ever contributed to the Defence Fund, today’s the day to change that!

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund: 2019-2020 Annual Report


The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund began five years ago, a year after we started the Antifa International social media collective.  As we did our thing on social media, we noticed more and more that antifascists were winding up in emergency situations because of their work fighting hatred and bigotry and would then have to rely on themselves and their friends scrambling to come up with the resources required to help them out of those situations.  We thought that, with our increasing connections to antifascists the world over, we could do better.  We thought that setting up a standing fund to defend and support antifascists in times of crisis would be an excellent way to demonstrate real solidarity.  So we established The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund and set to work raising money for it and reaching out to antifascists internationally.


About a month later we made our first contribution, which went to the legal defence of Valentin – an antifascist and SV Werder Bremen supporter  arrested after he defended himself and others from an attack by neo-nazis after a football match in Bremen, Germany.  After a few weeks of fundraising, we were proud to be able to contribute a whopping €45 (about $49USD).

Five years on, we’ve donated over €76,000 ($83,000USD) to help out more than 500 antifascists in 22 different countries!  Every decision we make is reached democratically by the Defence Fund’s Decisions Crew – a body of 863 antifascists (and counting!) from around the world.  Every time we provide support to an antifascist, we blog about it, so our decisions are as transparent as possible.

Year Five: 2019-2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 2.36.56 PM

Some of the anti-fascists we helped support during times of crisis over the last twelve months.

Over the last 12 months, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund came to the rescue of anti-fascists confronted with difficult & potentially life-altering or deadly circumstances 25 times – a 47% increase over 2018-2019.  Here is an overview for you:

  • We donated $23,400USD to 90 anti-fascists; the largest amount we’ve ever donated in our five years.  The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund: Donations To Anti-Fascists
    Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.25.02 PM2019-2020 also marked a 48% increase in the number of anti-fascists we supported from the previous twelve months, when we helped out 61 people.
  • The support we provided went to antifa in 13 countries:

United States

Map of countries where anti-fascists receiving support from The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund over the last 12 months were located 

    • 28 in Norway
    • 20 in the United States
    • 11 in Russia
    • 10 in Ireland
    • 7 in Germany
    • 4 in Canada
    • 2 each in Greece, Poland, and Sweden
    • One each in Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, and the UK
  • 71% of contributions covered legal defence, court costs, fines, and prisoner support; 16% of contributions covered medical bills, injury recovery and living costs while antifa dealt with injuries sustained in attacks against them;  13% of contributions covered emergency relocation.


The kinds of emergencies we helped anti-fascists contend with over the last 12 months.

  • The Defence Fund‘s Decisions Crew (the body that discusses and decides on what support to give requests or proposals received) grew 20% to include 872 antifa from 18 different countries, making the Decisions Crew the largest organization of anti-fascists in the world (to our knowledge!).
    Decisions Crew Membership

All of this has been accomplished with the collaboration and cooperation of literally thousands of anti-fascists around the world.  Donald Trump’s early birthday present yesterday tells us that the fight is far from over and the struggle isn’t about to get any easier.  La lucha continua and we look forward to seeing all of you standing with us, side-by-side.  If you haven’t made a contribution to the Defence Fund or signed up to become a monthly contributor, it is more important than ever before for you to do so now.  Here’s where to do that! 


We’ve Got Gothenburg



What it looks like in Gothenburg, Sweden, when the people turn out to counter a nazi march.

Gothenburg is not the kind of city that would normally spring to mind when you hear the phrase “street battles with fascists,” but over the last few years as Sweden’s so-called Nordic Resistance Movement tried to gain a foothold there, that’s been the reality.  The nazis there have bombed the city’s bookstores and refugee camps but also tried to publicly own the streets with marches and rallies.  The good people of Gothenburg were not having it and 20,000 of them ran the NRM off the streets in 2017.  A year later, the fascists tried to attack the city’s May Day march and were stopped dead in their tracks.  Then last year the NRM tried to hold a rally on May Day in neighbouring Kungälv but again were shown by thousands the error of their ways.

This all sounds like good news, of course, but we haven’t told you about the police yet.

Just like police everywhere, Gothenburg’s focused their policing efforts during these events not on the genocidal terror gang that had run a bombing campaign in the city, but on the anti-fascists opposed to them.  And just like everywhere, this meant that anti-fascists were faced with the choice of allowing murderous thugs free reign in their city or risking arrest to confront them.

Our friends, as described above, did the right thing but unfortunately this meant some arrests on our side.  Two anti-fascists there are currently awaiting trial for the “crime” of defending their city against nazi filth; a crowdfunder has been established to cover their legal costs, and of course The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has made a contribution to it.  We encourage others to do the same, just as we encourage you to contribute to the Defence Fund today so we can support anti-fascists no matter where they are, when they run into an emergency like this.