Fascist Fables in Elefsina

Anti-fascists in Elefsina, Greece (blurred) march past anti-fascist graffiti

It’s pretty obvious that fascist ideology is, well, sheer nonsense. None of the arguments for fascism or for the discrimination and persecution of their rotating list of people to target stand up to any degree of scrutiny. To be a fascist is to commit to breaking with reality to instead live in a delusional fantasy world of hate.

So it was probably par for the course when a Greek fascist hired lawyers to help him sue an anti-fascist for an assault in Elefsina, Greece that he claimed to be injured in that never actually happened. Seriously, we’ve seen enough cases to know that fascists embellish and stretch the truth about practically everything, but in this case the incident giving rise to a lawsuit happened solely in the mind of the fascist in question! The anti-fascist he was suing had no knowledge of or involvement in the attack in question.

While the basis of the lawsuit was fictitious, the consequences were very real, and our friend was compelled to hire a lawyer to defend him in the courts against this clear attempt to weaponize the civil law system against anti-fascists by straight-up lying. A crowdfunder was established to help defray those costs and, if the goal amount was met, help our friend counter-sue the fascist to strongly deter him or his ilk from trying this ever again. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has made sure that our friend has what he needs to adquately defend himself and also go on the (legal) offensive.