Found Out.

White supremacist Adam Kelly’s melon, after his hard man posturing didn’t go as he planned.

Portland folks are likely to be acquainted with local bigot and self-styled “hard man” Adam Kelly who likes to spend his free time with the terrorist outfit Three Percenters and the violent hate group Patriot Prayer. Like many of the clowns associated with both groups, Kelly likes to try to compensate for his myriad failures in life by talking tough about what he’s going to do to his perceived enemies, like vowing on Twitter to murder anti-fascists at a 2019 hate rally in Portland.

Unfortunately for Kelly, it turns out that antifascists weren’t willing to turn the other cheek and let him murder them that day and Kelly’s bravado earned him nothing more than a visit to ER for some head trauma no doubt administered in self-defense.

The racist thugs at the scandal-plagued Portland Police Bureau, of course, can’t let a friend of theirs like Kelly get his comeuppance without intervening, so after three years they’ve decided to charge someone, someone who asked us to help with their legal defense. And help is what we did. Because teaching people like Adam Kelly how the sentence “Fuck around…” ends is never a crime.

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