Cowtown Showdown!

Calgary police brutalize an anti-police brutality protestor, August 9, 2021.

Police in Calgary, Canada certainly try their best to live up to the city’s “wild west” reputation by being as violent as they possibly can with racialized people. Take the case of Constable Alex Dunn – a Calgary po-po who despite being convicted of assault after slamming a handcuffed Black woman face-first onto the concrete in 2017 received no jail time for the assault and kept his job on the Calgary Police Service! People were understandably upset about this and protests at Calgary’s courthouse ensued, demanding that Dunn be fired. After about two weeks, an off-duty officer is alleged to have threatened to physically assault and murder the protesters before running into the courthouse to file charges against the protestors he is alleged to have threatened!

So now our friend, who was concerned enough about the courts turning a blind eye to wanton police brutality, must beat charges levied against him in those same courts. This requires money and we were glad to be able to help him reach the amount needed to have a good lawyer working his case. If you think it’s outrageous for police to get away with assaulting racialized people and then charge the people protesting their violent abuse, we’re with you. If you want to help people facing situations like this, a contribution to the Defence Fund is a great way to do that!