Bring Tha Noize!

When this van’s a-rockin’ cops better not come a-knockin’!

Adopting the adage “go big or go home” to “go loud or go home,” anti-fascists in Copenhagen, Denmark turned out for May Day festivities this year with a specially-done up NO ONE IS ILLEGAL sound truck, blasting tunes! They + the van + the tunes managed to occupy the Queen Louis bridge for a spell, which the police did not appreciate!

The lazy cops decided that the easiest person to charge was the driver/owner of the van, which is exactly what they did. The case slowly wound its way through the Danish courts and, in the end, the driver/owner was left with 36,000kr in court costs to pay off. Well, now that bill is paid in full, thanks partially to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund which stepped in to pay off the remainder of those court costs.