San Diego Standoff

Antifascists show up to defend San Diego from armed, violent white supremacists, January 9, 2021

You would have thought that, three days after a violent insurrection at the nation’s capitol that resulted in five deaths, America would have had an awakening about the dangers of allowing fascists to publicly organize and gather. Maybe the officers of San Diego Police Department would have looked at the people who beat a cop to death and injured 140 other cops on Capitol Hill just three days before, then looked at the people holding a white supremacist rally in Pacific Beach (at least five of whom were the same people), and adjusted their response accordingly.

But no. No, instead what happened was several of the would-be insurrectionists + their Proud Boy pals + members of a white supremacist gang recently facing an FBI investigation for violent attacks showed up on the beach on January 9th to face off against a courageous group of antifascists. Guess which side received 100% police collaboration & protection? Some clues:

-at one point, a gang of Proud Boys chased a military veteran into an alley and severely beat him.

-moments later, a swastika-tattooed white supremacist sucker punched an Asian man, then pulled out a hunting knife and threatened to stab people coming to the man’s aid.

This man sucker-punched an Asian man in the face in full view of the police, then pulled out the hunting knife you see in his right hand to threaten other people with. He was reportedly disarmed – not by police – but by local skaters.

So of course, like we’ve seen them do time and time again, the police did react – by targeting & attacking the anti-fascist counterprotestors while letting the violent white supremacist extremists do whatever they want. The cops fired pepper spray & shot projectiles at anti-fasicsts and journalists alike while fascists joined in, stepping out from behind police lines to throw munitions at the antifascist counterprotestors. When the police eventually declared an unlawful assembly, they were careful to only declare it for the area occupied by antifascists, allowing the fascists assembled to move on and attack locals.

Oh, the cops did arrest people – two antifascists, JW & TC, both of whom now have to come up with the money to hire legal teams to defend themselves in court. Both have had crowdfunders set up here and here to help them with this. Of course, we were very pleased to be in a position to make significant contributions to both, which we were only in a position to do because of the contributions of anti-fascists all over the world to the Defence Fund. Maybe you’d like to make a contribution? If you sign up to become a monthly contributor this month, we’ll enter you a lil’ antifa prize package giveaway contest!