Police Story

Scottie Tripn under arrest by the LAPD, January 6, 2021

We’d be understating the point if we told you that the LAPD has had a race relations problem over the last several decades. There’s a reason Black Flag wrote “Police Story” about them waaay back in 1981 and NWA would write “Fuck Tha Police” about them seven years later.

So don’t be surprised if we tell you that in 2021 ain’t a damn thing changed. Witness the po-po’s actions on January 6th. While MAGA chuds in DC attempted to overthrow the government, their LA counterparts came downtown to attack people there. Well-known LA musician, veteran, and Black Lives Matter supporter Scottie Tripn came down to make sure people weren’t hurt by the fascist losers.

Not long after he arrived there was an alleged interaction between him and one of the Piss Boys.  These two photos – of Scottie getting bear maced & how “captain america” looked afterwards tell the tale:

How it started.
How it’s going.

Witnesses report that after defending himself ably from the cosplaying shitsack that bear maced him, Scottie was then jumped by more fascists, then dragged off and beaten with nightsticks by the LAPD. Now Scottie faces serious charges and has mounting legal and medical bills from this attack.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was able to make a significant contribution to Scottie’s crowdfunder and we encourage y’all to follow suit, just as we encourage you to kick in to the Defence Fund itself so we can continue to stand with the anti-fascists that stand up in the streets for their communities.