King James

James being taken into custody after fascists told police to arrest him.

We know by now that fascists will do just about anything to further their agenda of bigotry and genocide, including (and we hope you’re sitting down for this one) lying to police in order to get anti-fascists arrested!

Such was the case for our man James in Portland. This past November, after fascist goons threatened to shoot up a Black Lives Matter event, James  attended to defend people from attack.  For his efforts, James got a short stay in the hospital after a far-right person bit him (!) + charges against him when four of the bad guys made up a story about him threatening them. 

The good news: he beat the charges and was exonerated.  The bad news: the fascists tracked him to his home and began an intense campaign of harassment and death threats.  They vandalized his truck multiple times, causing thousands of dollars in damage.  Things got so bad he was forced to break his lease and re-locate elsewhere, which cost him more moeny.  Add all this to his hospital bill + legal costs to beat his case = James needed some support.  

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was well-pleased to make a contribution to James that took care of a significant chunk of these costs. James was evidently also pleased, telling us, “That’s incredible. You guys just saved my arse in the biggest way imaginable.”

The Defence Fund is honoured to be out there saving antifascists’ arses but we need your help to save future antifa arse! Make a contribution to the Defence Fund today!