Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur? Not the DOJ/FBI.

Dan Baker with his YPG unit in Rojava.
Above: Dan Baker with his YPG tabur in Rojava.

A lot has happened after the attempted insurrection in Washington, DC on January 6th to show exactly who the legal system is concerned with and who they’re not concerned with.

NOT CONCERNED WITH: people who attempted to stop the verification of the 2020 election vote and overthrow the government by storming the capitol, forcing elected officials to flee for their lives. People like Adam Johnson, pistol packin’ Christopher Alberts, Joshua Pruitt, or would-be vacationer Jenny Louise Cudd – all of whom have been charged for the events of January 6th – have since been released on bail. The message is clear: a murderous right-wing mob can try to overthrow the government, beating a cop to death in the process, and they’ll be back out on the streets pending trial.

Then there’s our man Dan Baker, who the FBI picked up and charged after he expressed concerns for a repeat of the January 6 attacks happening at the Florida state capitol. Dan is a former Airborne soldier and former volunteer with the YPG in Rojava, where he fought Daesh/ISIS alongside US forces. He’s also a street medic who was one of the first on the scene to treat people injured in shootings in Seattle this summer. He’s done outreach and support work for homeless people around the country. He put himself in harm’s way to stop the fascists in Daesh from murdering people. If anyone deserves our accolades and support, it’s Dan. Yet, thanks to an FBI attempt to railroad an anti-fascist, Dan currently sits in jail, WITHOUT BAIL BEING GRANTED, waiting on his trial date.

This is why the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund sent Dan’s supporters funds to help make sure he’s taken care of and has a place to return to when he beats the charges. We think you should do the same by sending some help via Venmo/Paypal
@echampagneart or Cashapp $echampagneart. No money to donate but you have a printer? Download this flyer about Dan and get it out there!