To Russia With Love

Russia’s FSB (the successors to the infamous KGB) have a well-earned reputation for the kind of “state security” that only the worst dictatorships would employ.  Aside from the usual corruption, fraud, and racketeering scandals that distinguish it as more of a state-controlled mafia than a legitimate security agency, it’s also been implicated in the assassinations of human rights activists and regime critics both within Russia and abroad and blamed for a series of bombings of Moscow apartment buildings as a false flag operation to win support for Russia’s war against Chechnya.

So when FSB agents arrested ten young anti-fascists in 2017 and accused them of operating a secret terrorist organization called “The Network,” it was obvious that the only terror being perpetrated was by the Russian state against its own people, yet again.

After nearly three years of detention, the systematic denial of both the legal and human rights of the arrestees, and unbelievable forced “confessions” extracted under well-documented torture, the FSB has accomplished its goal of ruining the lives of ten young men and throwing their families into chaos and uncertainty.  Seven of the ten have already received prison sentences of between six and eighteen years.  Meanwhile, fascist gangs roam Russia’s streets, committing brazen assaults and murders with total impunity, while police and the FSB turn a blind eye or assist them.

As anti-fascists, we don’t turn our backs on our fellow anti-fascists when they’re facing repression no matter where they are.  We do whatever we can to support them.  So The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has sent a significant contribution to the team providing support to Andrey, Igor, Arman, Viktor, Ilya, Mikhail, Yuliy, Maxim, Vasiliy, and Dmitriy and their families.

If you’d like to help, please check out their support site here for information about how to write to them or donate to their support fund.  If you’d like to make sure The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is always ready to provide support to anti-fascists the world over, make a contribution today.