Free David.



In 2018, when alt-right troll and supplement peddlar Mike Cernovich announced a publicity stunt in NYC, David C. did what anyone of us would do – really what everyone in NYC who cares about people should have done – he went out to protest it.  What he couldn’t have predicted was that his life & future would be put in jeopardy as a result – not by Cernovich and the bigoted goons he counts as his fans, but by the New York Police Department.  A scuffle took place that David was not involved in and one of the NYPD officers “keeping the peace” took that as his cue to tackle the closest antifa to him, which happened to be David.  He broke David’s leg in two places.  This meant that David couldn’t work until his leg healed.  When The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund heard about this, we did what we could to make sure David could make his rent & pay his bills while he was healing up.

Of course, the cops & the courts weren’t happy with just breaking David’s leg.  The leg-breaking cop doubled down/covered up his brutality & violence by making up a story about David had stalking, punching, and strangling a Cernovich lackey and then trying to strangle the cop himself!  This total fabrication fell apart when surveillance footage revealed that none of that had actually happened.

So what did the NYC DA’s office do?  Did they drop the charges and let David go back to living his life?  Oh hell no they did not.  Instead, they came up with “gang assault” charges – this basically means that any group of three or more people involved in a fight are legally responsible for each other’s actions, and it carries a steep mandatory minimum of 3.5 years.

Again, while there was a small scuffle at the event, David was in no way involved and this was another fabrication of charges against him.  But this time, facing 3.5 years and a lengthy & expensive court battle, David took a non-cooperating plea deal and an 18 month sentence in Rikers.

David has some thoughts about gang assault, the NYPD cop that assaulted & arrested him, and the justice system in general that are worth a read.  He states what is clear to anyone who examines this case: “I’m an antifascist, and I’m going to jail for it.”

David has a great support team in the world that have set up a site where you can find out how to write to him, visit him, send him books & packages, and make a donation to his commissary (basically the store inmates can purchase food, clothing, stamps, and other items from, which keeps an account for his inmate that their people can contribute to).  Speaking of that, we recently made sure that he had enough in his commissary to keep him as comfortable as possible for the next three months.

Fighting hate is not a crime.  Solidarity is our weapon.  If you agree, help us to support the Davids of the world by making a donation to the Defence Fund.