Stop Pretending Your Bigotry Is Patriotism.


Antifascists face off against outnumbered, flag-waving bigots.

Rah-rah America!  USA! USA!  America #1!  And what better way to show your patriotic devotion to the greatest country in the world than to gather a ragtag pack of bigots & miscreants like the white supremacist gang Proud Boys, anti-choice zealots, and violent gang leader Joey Gibson to come to a highway overpass and wave flags around.

On May 5th, Eugene, Oregon responded to just such an event in a big way, bringing out a counterprotest that outnumbered the white supremacist “patriotic” rally four-to-one.  That couldn’t have been encouraging for the extreme right, many of whom came in from out of town for this debacle.

Probably more encouraging for them was their police pals showing up to defend them.  Which largely consisted of turning a blind eye whenever they felt like shoving people and focusing their attention instead on the “dangerous” antifa there.  You know antifa, that super-violent movement that’s killed zero people, compared to the hundreds murdered by the far right so far this year.

Anyways, things ended rather predictably, with the extreme right fuckjobs slinking off to whatever rocks they crawled out from under, and the po-po arresting one person – of course, on the anti-fascist side.  Said person now needs to pay a lawyer to get the utter bullshit they’re charged with thrown out in court.  Their friends set up a crowdfunder to raise the cash and we were happy to be able to throw in a big chunk of money to help with that.

Should you donate to our friend’s crowdfunder?  Of course you should!
Should you donate The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund so we can continue to defend anti-fascists standing up for their communities in the face of bigotry and terror?  of course you should!

We leave you with something Banksy once said: “People who enjoy waving flags don’t deserve to have one.”