Some of les antifascistes du Paris responsible for running fascists out of les gilets jaunes.

France’s gilets jaunes movement has been enormously successful.  What started as a protest against the ruling classes’ attempt to shift the responsibility/costs of climate change on to France’s overly-burdened working class quickly became an effective working-class movement, demanding things like a liveable minimum wage, improvements to education and health care, and proportional representation.  Despite having no leadership, they’ve won big concessions from the French government.

Predictably, a movement this successful is bound to attract fascist shitbags hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the movement.  In the UK and Canada we’ve seen white supremacists take off their white robes and put on yellow vests in a ham-fisted attempt to co-opt the French movement.  In France itself, all manner of fascist gangs have tried to infiltrate the movement on the streets.

As such, it’s been up to France’s legendary antifa crews to keep the bigots off the streets and out of the movement.  Which they’ve done so with much success!  Social Bastion, Génération Identitaire, the Zouaves Paris the Militia Paris, and others have all been sent running whenever they’ve tried to worm their way into the movement.

But recently, members of the fascist gangs have taken to crying to their friends les flics about the poor treatment they’ve received from antifa.  Which of course led the police to press charges against several Parisian antifascists recently.

A crowdfunder has been set up to help pay for the legal defence of those arrested antifascists and when the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was asked to help, we of course contributed our share.  We strongly encourage anti-fascists everywhere to demonstrate our international solidarity with those arrested by donating either to the crowdfunder for our friends in Paris, to the Defence Fund itself, or both!