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Tim “Sauce” Jones & friends holding the line against white supremacists in Charlottesville – July 2017.

We’re sure you all remember James Alex Fields Jr., the dead-eyed white supremacist that murdered Heather Heyer and injured 19 others in a terrorist attack in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017.  You probably haven’t heard too much about him since his cowardly attack on unarmed anti-fascists because he’s been locked up since then, awaiting trial.

But don’t worry – Fields isn’t unreachable!  He allegedly found that out for himself recently when he allegedly ran into Tim “Sauce” Jones in jail.  Tim has literally stood up to racist bigots like James in Charlottesville in the past.  Tim was also friends with Heather and was with her on the day that Fields murdered her and injured 19 others.  So imagine the scene when Tim (who is currently awaiting trial on some bullshit charges unrelated to anything of note) ran into Fields and let him know very plainly who he was, who Heather was to him, and what he thought of Fields!  Oh, to be a fly on the prison wall that day!

Now the prison authorities are alleging that Tim put hands on Fields and Fields is pressing assault charges!  Imagine that – one of the most notorious terrorists and vile bigots in the US today pressing assault charges against Tim, who he is in prison with!  Guess Fields is trying to win a popularity contest in jail or something.  Dude does not know how to jail.

As a result of all of this, Tim’s friends on the outside have started a crowdfunder to help him deal with the assault charges filed against him by this nazi terrorist/prison snitch.  The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was super-happy to step up and kick in to that fund, to make sure Tim has the best legal defence team possible.  We bet you’d like to contribute, too.

The Defence Fund is able to help out true antifa like Tim that are ready to step up and do what needs doing only because of donations from thousands of individuals around the world.  If you aren’t already one of those individuals, now is the time to become one.