Kiss My Antifa Grits!


Being a server is tough work.  How tough?  Scientists are calling it the most stressful job in the world!  So for M., it must have been welcome news that the Louisville DSA chapter had booked a meeting at the bar she worked, since one would imagine democratic socialists would at least tip well.

What no one expected was for a pack of white supremacist Proud Boy asshats to also show up to disrupt the meeting and harass poor M. all night.  When they finally left, some Louisville antifascists engaged in a frank and honest discussion with them in the parking lot – a discussion which concluded with some Proud Boys going home in an ambulance.  Cops were called.  Cops asked M. to ID the people that came to deal with the problem.  M. is not a snitch and did not snitch.

Her reward for putting up with racist and sexist harassment all night and then getting pressured by the po-po?  Fired.  The bar canned her.  Now she’s looking for a new gig and has asked for help paying the bills while she’s lookingThe International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was there to stand up for M. just as she stood up for the people that showed up to stand up against entitled, racist Proud Boy douchebags.

AND NOW WE’RE CHALLENGING LOUISVILLE DSA TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND MATCH OUR DONATION!!!  Hey there @dsa_louisville – this worker was fired because of what happened at your event.  How about passing the hat at your next meeting and matching what we put in, shall we?  That would do a lot to improve relations with antifa after your national organization raised $200,000 in donations for the victims of the Charlottesville terrorist attack last year and then refused to release any of the money or account for what happened to it.  Just sayin’.