Bigot Mural Improvement


The mural of former Philadelphia police chief/notorious bigot Frank Rizzo, post-improvements.

We don’t know who exactly took it upon themselves to improve upon the mural of Frank Rizzo, the famously  racist and homophobic former police chief and mayor of Philadelphia, but if we did we’d certainly thank them for their community service and buy them a drink.  Rizzo’s notoriety as police chief was earned by doing things like calling for The Black Panthers to be lynched, framing civil rights groups, and ordering cops to specifically attack black protestorsIn his last bid for mayor, Rizzo publicly called on constituents to “vote white” and re-elect him.

You can’t walk a block in Philly without running into someone that remembers and loathes Rizzo.  So why the hell anyone would erect a mural & statue in honor of this racist, homophobic, and utterly corrupt cop and politician in that town is anybody’s guess.  There is a standing call for the mural to be removed but some of us apparently prefer a more direct approach and “fixed” it themselves.

In any event, the po-po did arrest and charge someone with the mural improvement and said person took a plea deal with included fifty hours of community service (from which we hope they deduct the time taken to perform the community service of improving the Rizzo mural!) + a $2000 fine.  The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was happy to kick in a significant chunk of that fine to help pay it off.  If you’d like to pitch in as well, there is a crowdfunder set up to pay off the fine.   If you’d like to enable us to take care of fines for future mural modifiers, donate to the Defence Fund today!