No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

At least not in New York, anyway.  Antifascists were in attendance at a candlelight vigil on June 24th to peacefully protest the kidnapping of migrant children by ICE, just in case there was trouble.  Of course there was trouble, in the form of two belligerent bigots that shoved their way through the crowd and attempted to assault a black man that was speaking to those gathered.  When they swung on a person that tried to de-escalate things, antifa intervened and quickly walked the racists away from the crowd.

Some liberal woman there decided that that was not appropriate action to take and that it was her job to call the police in, which of course she did.  The cop she waved over threatened one of the antifa and then 90 seconds later assaulted them, then arrested them on jacked-up, purely fictitious charges.

Now, because one of our antifa friends took steps to remove a violent racist from a peaceful protest, they face jail time and are compelled to mount a legal defence.  We all know that that costs money to do, so when they asked us to come up with half of a lawyer’s retainer, that’s what we did.  Now our friend at least has a competent lawyer to defend them as they go through a bullshit legal process, which they’re dealing with entirely because of the liberal busybody that decided she should bring the police in to punish people for protecting  protestors against violent racist thugs.

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