Defend The Block!


Residents of Flemington Estate face down bigots and their copper pals.

If there’s one thing we know about Milo Yiannopolous (besides being an advocate for pedophilia, that is) it’s that wherever he goes, a mob of racist goons is sure to follow.  Case in point: shortly after his appearance in Melbourne, Australia on December 4th, xenophobes out for the event took it upon themselves to start harassing Muslim women coming home after work on public transit to the Flemington Estate housing complex.

Soon enough, residents at Flemington Estate, most of whom were simply going about their lives, were confronted with an angry horde of jeering racists hurling racist abuse and threats at them.  The residents – most of whom were racialized and/or Muslim – did what they had to do, standing in front of their homes shoulder-to-shoulder in a show of force and defiance in the face of violent bigots.

Of course, the police were quick in intervene.  Not to stop the racist lynch mob threatening to attack local residents and destroy their homes, mind you, but to attack those very residents with batons and pepper spray.  And also to arrest four residents for standing up to the bigots threatening them, their families, their neighbours, and their community.

And so four Flemington Estate residents are now facing charges because fucking Milo and his clown army descended upon their ‘hood to try to terrify and threaten them.  A crowdfunder has been set up to make sure they aren’t left to face charges on their ownThe International Ant-Fascist Defence Fund was pleased to be in a position to make a contribution to the crowdfunder, because we stand with every single resident that faced down the racist terror that came literally to their front doors.  We encourage you to make a contribution as well and (as always) to ensure that the Defence Fund is always going to be there to protect the people standing up to the violence and hatred that comes to town when alt right goofs like Milo are given a platform.

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