The Damage Done


AZ Kim Hubert community centre, Salzwedel, Germany

The AZ Kim Hubert community centre in the small town of Salzwedel, Germany is probably not one you’ve heard of before.  Like many anarchist-run community centres, they offer a variety of programs and support as well as a physical base for anti-fascists to plan actions from.  All of this also means they’ve been a regular target for local neo-nazis to attack.

In the latest attack, a gang of 10 or more masked neo-nazis forced their way into the building in the middle of the night earlier this month.  Armed with crowbars, hatchets, and pepper spray, they made their way to the second floor where they attacked several people sleeping there, then proceeded to trash everything in sight before detonating a smoke bomb to mask their escape.

It’s very clear that the neo-nazis in Salzwedel regard AZ Kim Hubert as a direct threat to their genocidal plans.   It’s very clear that the neo-nazis in Salzwedel would like the people running AZ Kim Hubert to just give up and close it down.

Instead, AZ Kim Hubert is receiving support and solidarity not just from the good people of Salzwedel, but internationally.  It is in that spirit that The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is making a contribution directly to the centre to help them repair the damage and fortify their building.

If you’d like to help out AZ Kim Hubert as well, here is some information about donating directly to them.  If you’d like to ensure that The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is able to help the next community centre under fascist attack, here’s some information about donating to us.

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