Broken Eggs & Broken Windows


Martin F.  We feel your frustration.

As the saying goes, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.  Maybe you can’t effectively oppose Islamophobes terrorizing your town without breaking a few eggs, either.  That may or may not be the lesson Martin F. learned recently.  Martin is an anti-fascist in Frankfurt, Germany who participated in a counter-demonstration against Pegida in 2015.  On his way home from that successful counter-demo, Martin was arrested by police who charged him with throwing an egg at Pegida.

While Martin denies throwing the egg in question, and while police testimony revealed that the offending egg did not actually hit anyone, the state refused to drop the charges and dragged Martin through a three-year legal odyssey, claiming that the egg “could have caused an injury” to someone and that throwing an egg in the direction of an Islamophobic mob was “not only directed against the personal physical integrity of an individual, but at the same time constitutes an attack on the constitutionally-protected freedom of assembly.”

Remember: we’re talking about an egg being thrown.  Which hit no one.

And so Martin was found guilty of this heinous crime and now has to contend with court fines and legal defence fees.  Martin’s comrades have set up a crowdfunding page to help him pay off these debts, which amount to €5243.  That’s right, €5243.  For throwing an egg.  Which hit no one.  Which Martin didn’t do, anyway.

Meanwhile, residents over in Cottage Grove, OR, have been very upset about a violent gang of white supremacists opening up a weapons shop in their town.  Someone seems to have expressed their displeasure by smashing out the shop’s windows.


No windows for fascists!  Wolfclan Armory post-antifa renovations.

Police arrested one woman for this attempt to add natural air conditioning to the shop and – incredibly – locked her up in the same jail as one of the store’s owners (who is currently awaiting trial for stabbing a fellow neo-nazi).  More incredibly, they’re charging her with a hate crime!  Yes, you read that correctly, being accused of an act of vandalism against white supremacists is a hate crime in Oregon.  That makes perfect sense.

As with Martin F., her comrades have also set up a crowdfunder to help raise an effective legal defence against her charges.

If you agree with us that both these cases were completely absurd and law enforcement’s zeal for persecuting ant-fascists makes a mockery of the values they claim to uphold, then we hope you’ll follow our example and make contributions to both crowdfunders as well.  If you want to make sure that anti-fascists always have the resources they need when the state dreams up more hypocritical absurdities to charge us with, then we hope you’ll be making a donation to Defence Fund today!

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