The Cost Of Standing Up Against Islamophobia


Seattle defends itself against Islamophobia: June 10, 2017

When America’s largest Islamophobic group comes to your town, what do you do?  If you’re the good people of Seattle, you confront them.  Unfortunately, you’ll find that no matter how much cooperation or communication you have with the police to explain your peaceful intentions in doing so, the Seattle Police Department will still let a dozen or so of the most virulent Islamophobes rush your crowd to assault people.  Several times, even.

Seeing that the police were literally allowing members of various hate groups (Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, etc.) rush in and assault people with impunity, some people were forced to defend themselves.  That, of course, is when the SPD decided to aggressively step in.  Not to stop the attackers, mind you – but to beat & arrest the people trying to defend themselves & others!

Calls for the SPD to account for their actions received no response.  But four anti-fascist protestors – the same ones brutalized by the cops, still face various charges.

The Greater Seattle IWW Genereal Defense Committee set up a crowdfunder to take care of the costs these four heroes now face to legally defend themselves against this utter nonsense.  The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was more than happy to ensure that the crowdfunder met its target amount.

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