March 2018 – Quarterly Report


Bristol Antifascists confronting Islamophobes, 2017.

Apologies for the delay of several weeks getting this report up for your perusal.  Here is what The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund got up to in the first three months of 2018:

All in all, we think any reasonable person would agree the thousands of dollars it took to accomplish all of that in the last three months was money well-spent.  But it’s also money that comes solely from donations from people like you.  And we’d like to make you an offer:

We’re currently printing up a brand-new batch of top-secret antifa stickers to reward our donors with.  If you sign up to donate at least $5USD per month to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund between now and when the new stickers arrive in a couple of weeks, we’ll send you a complimentary set of 30 of those new stickers + 30 of our old ones, too!


The old stickers.

Sign up to make a recurring monthly donation of at least $5USD via our paypal or Patreon accounts and these stickers are as good as yours!