Fuck Strache!!!


We all know that no one – NO ONE – is a bigger defender of free speech than a neo-nazi politician like Austria’s Heinz-Christian Strache (mind you, that might be due to the tendency of bigots to be the biggest “free speech” champions).  Whether exercising his free speech rights in his early years by leading a mob of neo-nazi boneheads in an attempt to storm a Jewish synagogue or playing soldier in the woods with gun-toting white supremacists or holding events to commemorate nazi war criminals, Strache has perhaps chosen some peculiar ways to demonstrate his reverence for free speech over the years, but no one could question his commitment to being allowed to dehumanize Jews and Muslims and refugees and racialized people, etc. as a matter of “free speech.

So when Austria’s Left Turn Now! made a video in which Austrians tell Strache to fuck off, one would have thought Strache would applaud their use of their free speech rights.  But noooo!  Instead, Strache filed a slander lawsuit against Left Turn Now, demanding compensation for the “damages” they caused by telling him to fuck off.  Between this and Lucian Wintrich’s assault on a woman when she took him up on his defence of his own free speech by literally grabbing a copy of his speech, we’re beginning to wonder if racist scumbags only care about free speech when it’s them trying to peddle genocide as a good idea.  But we digress!

The good news: the judge who heard the case decided against Strache, calling his whiny lawsuit “snivelling.”

The bad news: defending oneself against a slander lawsuit, even one as frivolous as Strache’s, costs money.  So Left Turn Now have set up a donation page to help them pay for the costs of this absurd, hypocritical action by Strache.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was happy to contribute to their defence & hope they continue to tell Strache & the FPO to fuck off for as long as it takes for Strache & the FPO to finally fuck off!