We Thought Fascists Were Pro Free Speech?


This is Katie (and her pup!).  Katie works with students at a community college in Connecticut.  This fall, Katie heard that racist troll Lucian Wintrich was going to speak at the University of Connecticut.  Like most of us, we assumed that would be him standing in a parking lot, probably near a dumpster or something for camouflage.

But nooo!  The U of C not only refused to support a “no platform for racists” policy; they quite literally gave this bigoted loser a platform to speak from: a stage, a theatre, a lectern, hired goons to protect his scrawny ass – the whole thing.

Would they listen to their own students & faculty about why they shouldn’t be graciously providing this platform to this white supremacist nobody?  No they would not.  Did they care one whit about the danger they were placing their own students and faculty in by facilitating a hate rally on-campus, particularly in light of the shooting at the University of Florida after a similar hate rally the month before?  Apparently not.

So when the U of C wouldn’t do the right thing and the cops showed up to protect this racist weiner at his own event, Katie & some friends did what needed doing: they showed up to confront the creep, so he & his ilk knew they were not fucking welcome there.

One of the highlights of the event was when someone took the “free speech” arguments of the night literally and grabbed Wintrich’s cue cards right in the middle of his blathering.  This made Wintrich fly into an apoplectic rage and we jumped from the lectern and demonstrated his racial superiority by physically assaulting Katie in front of the whole crow.

The kkkops charged both Katie and Wintrich, although Katie literally had her backed turned to Wintrich and was walking away from him when he attacked her.  They dropped the charges against the racist dipshit but are continuing with charges against Katie.

Katie’s cowardly employer responded not by standing with her in solidarity but by putting her on paid suspension and threatening her job.  So now she has to fight both the state and her own employer, when she’s not busy fighting bigotry and hatred.

We were happy to send Katie some money to help tide her over and pay her lawyer’s bills and we highly recommend you do the same.   Solidarity only means something when we’re willing to stand up for each other when we really need to.