Pyramid Power!


Never underestimate the power of a pyramid!  Antifascists in Hannover harnessed the ancient power of this enigmatic geometry on December 2nd when they blocked the route to the racist AfD convention by hauling a giant metal pyramid into the middle of the access road and then chained themselves to it for good measure.

This is actually a fairly typical tactic in Germany and the police are well-used to dealing with it.  Normally, this involves an assessment of whether or not the activists can be safely detached from the structure they’ve secured themselves to, then bringing the necessary equipment, etc.  All of which ordinarily forces whatever was coming down the road to re-route.

Maybe it was because Hannover antifa were challenging Germany’s most bigoted political party or maybe it was because the police felt emboldened and free to act out their own xenophobic political beliefs, but instead of following the normal procedure, the cops elected to beat the living hell out of the locked-down antifa, who were unable to offer any sort of defence or resistance to the punishment the cops doled out.

As a result, one antifa had their tibia fractured and protruding from their leg in two places – something that would require a considerable amount of force to achieve.  Others suffered a litany of hematomas, abrasions, contusions, and other injuries.  To literally add insult to injury, the police tried everything they could think of to delay the arrival of an ambulance to deal with the serious and life-threatening injuries they had caused, then charged the antifa they brutalized with assault, coercion, and resisting arrest.

All of this means that our friends in Hannover are facing a triple threat of repression – having to pay for medical bills, having to take time off work to recover from injuries, and having to mount a legal defence against the charges the cops have fabricated against them.  They’ve issued a public call to help them accomplish all three things and The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund heard and responded to that call today.  We’re strongly encouraging others to follow our example and send a donation to our friends in Hannover; we’re also strongly encouraging everyone to make sure the Defence Fund is always there and ready to help out antifa by contributing to it today.