Thank You For Your Service


Our man in Rojava.

Hopefully, most of you will have heard about the courageous anti-fascists from around the world that have travelled far from home to volunteer as fighters against the fascist scum of Daesh (aka ISIS aka ISIL aka the Islamic State).  All of them have recognized the importance of defending the Rojava revolution and the people struggling to replace Daesh’s brand of fascist theocractic fundamentalism with a truly egalitarian, feminist form of anarchism called “democratic confederalism.”

International antifascist fighting units like  Tabûra Enteransyonal, the International Freedom Battalionand the countless number of antifa who have joined the YPG and YPJ are literally putting their lives on the line to defend the people of Rojava and to liberate tens of thousands of others suffering under the fascist rule of Daesh.

So it was with our man Dev (nom de guerre), who exhausted his life savings to travel from his home country and join the YPG.  Dev has spent nearly two years fighting with the YPG.  Now Dev is trying to get back to his home country but the closing of regional airports and the fact that he’s in a war zone has complicated matters.

Dev needed $2000USD to get his ass out of there and get back home.  But after months and months of fighting as a volunteer, our guy didn’t have two cents to rub together.

Happily, through the magic of crowdfunding, Dev managed to raise up $1600 on his own in about a weekThe International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was proud to be able to put him over his goal and help bring him home.

Dev: if you’re reading this, first drink’s on us when you get back home.  Thank you for your service.


Biji Berxwedana Rojava!



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