Backing Patryk Again



Long-time readers will recall the case of Patryk, a Polish anti-fascist convicted of crimes that were entirely fabricated by neo-nazis in a successful attempt to neutralize his opposition to their genocidal presence.  Rather than serve the three years in prison, Patryk fled to the UK, where he fought extradition back to Poland.

Bad news compounds upon bad news, as Patryk lost his extradition case and has been forced to leave his 10-year-old son behind in the UK while he serves out his sentence in Poland for a crime that he not only did not commit, but one that happened solely in the collective imaginations of Polish boneheads and their friends in the prosecutor’s office.

ABC Brighton wants to make sure that Patryk’s son is well looked-after while separated from his dad and are raising funds to ensure that happensThe International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was pleased to be in a position to help out with that by contributing to the cause.  We highly recommend other anti-fascists follow suit.


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