Real War Heroes Fight Fascism


This one is particularly hard to write up, we we’re going to turn it over to Rob’s friend Justin:

“Rob Grodt grew-up in California and later moved to New York, where he worked as a journalist and welder. 

After hearing about the struggle of the Kurdish people in Rojava (Northern Syria) to resist Daesh (aka ISIS), he chose to put his own life on the line to help fight against them. In the spirit of the Spanish Civil War International Brigaders, he made his way to Rojava to lend his support to the liberation war against Daesh and to building a free, democratic, secular, multicultural autonomous state in Rojava. 

On July 6, Rob and several comrades were killed during a particularly fierce gun battle, taking back the Daesh caliphate’s capital of Raqqa in vicious street-by-street gunbattles. Twenty eight international volunteers have given their lives fighting alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) so far.”

In his final video message, Rob explains his reasons for traveling halfway around the world and risking his life to fight fascism.

Rob leaves behind his loving partner and their four-year-old daughter.  Rob’s friends have set up a crowdfunding page to put together a fund to help support his little girl.

Rob could have sat at home and done nothing.  Instead he gave his life defending his principles and doing his part to liberate the city of Raqqa from the black cloud of fascism.  Making sure his family is taken care of is the very least we can do for this hero.  In a thank-you note back to the Defence Fund, Rob’s friends wrote:  “Thank you very much for this generous donation comrades.  With your support, we will keep Rob’s memory alive and his daughter will grow up knowing how deeply loved and respected he was.”





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