Standing Your Ground In Los Angeles

33cb3c4c00000578-3571113-image-a-32_1462287610188(Tess Asplund doing what anyone of good conscience would do when racists are marching through town).

When Tess Asplund single-handedly stood against a march of 300 neo-nazis in Borlänge, Sweden a  year ago, she received worldwide praise for her courage to confront the cowardly clowns.

Fast-forward one year later, when Los Angeleno J. was walking down Hollywood Boulevard when he came face-to-face with a group of over 100 racists marching down the middle of the street.  “Honestly, what went through my mind the whole time, was these racists cannot march down Hollywood in Los Angeles, without anyone challenging them,” J. said.  In a move very much like Tess Asplund’s, he took it upon himself to become a one-person counter-demonstration.  But unlike what happened to Ms. Asplund, J. was physically attacked by three marchers and then promptly arrested by the police, who shook one of the assailant’s hand afterwards.  For exercising his free speech rights, J. received trumped-up felony charges and bail set at $20,000.

We’re happy that Ms. Asplund didn’t run into similar troubles when she took a stand against hate, but The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund would be there for her if she had.  So of course we were happy to lend some support to J.

J. sent us a thank-you note shortly after: “Thanx to all for this needed and necessary comradeship and this international working class act of solidarity.  It’s one and the same struggle everywhere no matter who what when or where.”

From Borlänge to L.A., literally standing up to hate is not a crime!



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